Inner Voice


What if I tell you to stop for a lil’ while,
Run back and with me, come walk a mile…
We shall talk about the old days..
No shackles of animosity,
only the love’s gaze;
For an era has undoubtedly
left me old and rusted,
But a glimpse of you, and
the mystery will be busted,
O dear! I wonder sometimes,
where we untied the knot,
Maybe there, where the
unending fright of a blot
Led us apart, shook our souls;
Made us weary and gave us pain.
Daily, I watch the sun go down in shame,
As if, it is repenting after playing the game,
It assured me, of my love’s one last look;
Alas! The devastation done and
to my core, it shook.
Time may grey my hair and
wrinkle my flesh,
Yet, thinking of you, I would blush;
To keep it eternal with the
might of my pen
Is what I seek,
But the question remains;
After all, Until When??

Sheena Bhat


Talking about my favorite love story!
It was, no no no it is full of glory.
A 12 year old girl got married to
22 year old boy.
Oh Lord! They lived their love with full joy.
No fights, no arguments just a morning and a evening phone call.
Ah! I can die for the way she
used to ask, Haanji ki haal?
My Granny was a lady with
a pure Gold heart.
My Grandpa was her favorite part.
They were each other’s lucky charm.
Because they know their togetherness
has no harm.
They spent almost 60 years together.
But deep down we all know they
are meant to be forever.
My Granny left us 5 years back.
Why so early Daadi? Was there
anything we lack?
My Grandpa misses her everyday.
Talking to himself, I wanted you to stay.
Granny’s only wish was to leave the world before her man.
And you know what? Her body was resting in his hands, under the fan.
She lived each day as a Proud Wife.
As my Grandpa was her breath of life.
My Grandpa, in the age of 95 still cries everyday.
Because he wanted her to stay.
My favourite love story, is full of glory.
I am a proud grand daughter
because my grandparents are fighters

Jastania Singh


When time will come I will be long gone
Though my heart will be lonely and alone
Lost somewhere nowhere to be found
Beyond the claws of wordly hound
The spider web you call a perfect society
Weaved with greed and discrimination
Can’t capture the flight I own…
When the time will come I will be long gone
Peace will be mine and heart won’t mourn
Wordly ties are not enough when you are grown
Forbidden fruit of love no more to be sown
Soon when only darkness will rule this world
The light that shine deep in every heart
Will bloom so bright to vanish shadow of desire
Thou soul will be unchained to fly
In the breeze of freedom to be Shivasoule

Shiva Soule
Udhampur Distt.