Inner Voice

Ballad of Blessings

From this earth up to the sky,
Heads were held with pride and high,
Of Impasses, we all prayed,
And they were truly answered
from the sky.
With the little hardships of day after day,
The bad pockets were truly dismay,
Patience of which bought a fame,
With thou optimism,
we earned our name.
From the dungeons to our mansion,
This inscription is worth a mention,
Where we moved ahead for a knot,
From one to two, is a traditional plot.
A divine hand is resting on our heads,
From two to four, we were tied in threads,
The forged companions were simply shred,
The solitude of which, the writer dreads.
Accomplished everything
with your torched way,
Grabbing them without any delay,
Successes dais is where our destiny awaits,
Damning our rivalries always baits.
Veenu Pandit ,
Swarn Vihar,



Spread love and peace
No vengeance – no violence
All at ease
War is dark, war is mean
No fighting – no suffering
Such is peace
Cold in nature and
hot in temper
It tastes of rust
War is hatred, war is inhumane
Be human
Shujai Shaminotra




Just the way it is
Nothings got me bliss,
Nothings getting clear
Is it really the fear?
Fear to relapse
Hopelessness perhaps
Biting me every moment
Killing my every component!
Feels like encroached
By emotions always approached
Routing to mishap
For my memories to recap!
Trespassing my already barren land
Making of it more sand
Laughing, chilling and mocking faces
Life never had bases.
Call it archaic
Call it obsolete
Life seemed foreva mosaic
Life seemed foreva a scary sheet.
Confusion and disorders got no chill
My life’s the same still
Always went with the flow
Steady and slow.
Maybe gotta go out of the box
Pull up my socks
Steal happiness from this maze
To step into yet new phase!
Riya Aga
Student of Delhi University




When I fell down, you lifted me….
When I felt alone, you drifted me…..
When I was in dark, you were a hope for me…..
When I flew higher, you were a rope for me….
Oh Lord! Really this is you……
The Supreme Power…..the creator
of everything
The Sun, the moon, the mountain and the human being…..
What to say about me?
I am just a little drop and you
are the whole sea….
My Lord! Life has become just a hope…..
Seems like a ball slipping at a slanting slope…..
Sometimes like heaven and sometimes like hell
O God! Please tell me where I have to dwell…
Just give me the strength to become strong…
I don’t know what is right and what is wrong…
It is an immense prayer of this silly child…
In the journey of my life,
become my companion and guide……
As and when the path will
become dark….
Dear God! Please help me to remind….
That you will always find a way for me….
Preeti Sharma