inner voice



Again I want to fly
Again I want your support
Again I want to hope
Again I want your faith in me
Again let me awake in me
Again I do not want to
accept my destiny
Again I want to bounce back
Again I still hang upon
Again I want to stand up
Again to persue my
incomplete dream
This time again…..
Hemali Mahajan


Abandoned Humanity


This cruelty of yours
This harsh killing of girls
No fear of God
No sense of shame
Unmindful of your cruel
She’s a girl
Not a joke
She has her rights
She has her own world
You can’t suppress her
By your evil deeds
You can’t stop her
By showing your fake power
This abandoned humanity
of yours
This abandoned humanity
of humans…..
Nishtha Tikoo
St. Xavier Convent
Sr. Sec. School
XI Class




Listen to her when she is not speaking
Listen to her when she is not
So what, if her voice doesn’t
seems to you as
sweet as you heard her
for the first time.
But you know that
her conventions,
her dealings has always
remained so pacifying
Don’t let her inner beauty
to get fade away
in the out growth of your
peripheral turmoil
Just fill her life with the
colours which she
wanted without the
painting getting spoiled….
Diksha Sharma




God gave me a gift
This is called a God-gift.
This gift is precious than all
This gift is beautiful than all
This gift shows me the right way
This gift always remains
Anxious for the night and day
This gift makes feel cheer
This gift is my mother
Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar
Sarwal, Jammu