Inner Voice


In the dawn as the light blows out,
When the setting sun is overshadowed
by the clouds,
When the mist settles on the ground,
When the night is shadowed in
the darkness,
When everything is plunged
into eerie silence,
When a hasty wind blows by,
When a philanthropist
still sees hope,
When the dew drops slip from
the asphodel leaves,
When a magpie flies across the street,
It’s eyes glistering with the
tears of gloom,
When everything is just an enigma,
A cry full of anguish is heard in the night.

Prachi Motiyal
Jodhamal Public School

The Real You

No one stands for you,
No one claps for you…
Until You dare to speak,
And represent the ‘Real You’.
Fake smiles on the face,
Flatterers, also do the praise.
They will be around you,
But You will be alone in
‘Life’s Race’.
No motivator is the Real,
Because they too have some fear.
They will try to drag you down,
By always being your near.
Be calm and hold your breath,
Be encouraged and use your strengths.
Your will power is superior of all,
It can’t be measured in lengths.
When you are focused at your aim,
You learn well to play the game.
Then your success shouts for you,
Your ‘name’ earns the ‘Fame’.

Gurvinder Kour Raina
Holy Cross Convent High School R.S.Pura


Evergreen shrubs
Dark glossy foliage
Smooth ruffled
Radiant fragrant blooms
Alba Plena an early bloomer
Pure white petals of
Morning Glow
Blush pink flowers
Rose of winter
Crimson bold and fiery
Touch of orange
Some wavy and striped
Sublime yellow and violet

Shujai Shaminotra


The day I was waiting for a change,
Was actually out of my range.
Caught in dilemma was a stage,
Heart was beating as I’m in cage.
From morning to night I was at par,
Looks like Spent a week in war.
Lub dub, lub dub all it was,
anxiety was the main cause.
No breakfast no lunch,
Phobia was the main bunch.
Suicide always coming in mind,
Fear of exam was the bind.
Motivating factors were lost,
Life was at no cost.
Learning peace is in books,
We are surrounded by crooks.
Lesson to youth don’t take it otherwise,
Life is full of dreams please utilise.
Bad dreams are for a day,
Call your friends for a say.
Life is an exam why do we forget,
We don’t have time to regret.
Pack your bags and prepare well,
Let all the exams go to hell.

Sunil Pandit