inner voice



Year has come
For elections to begun
All voters are excited
Battles to be fought
Waiting for results to be recited
To end the developmental drought
Don’t forget your role
Get yourself enrolled
Each and every vote matter
Don’t let your dreams shatter
Speeches will exaggerate
But, don’t lose your fate
Make confident and strong protocol
Don’t let your country fall
Shape your voice
Show wisdom in your choice
Election is like a festival
To celebrate……
You need to participate
Shivam Roshan
New Plot,


An ode to our brave hearts


Imagine your world where you live with fear,
How would it look and feel for you?
When you’re separated from your
near and dear,
Imagine the monotony and drudgery in life
And when the critical mishaps of cruelty
surround you with unspeakable grief.
We can’t even imagine the things our
defense personnel go through.
Those who choose to bear the burnt
of brutality are a few.
Staying up all day and night in harsh
weathers -be it cold/heat/dreary floods,
They’re the first ones to rescue lives
in disasters.
And now they sacrificed their own
lives in clusters.
Have had protected our country’s
border since decades and still promise
to do here after.
So selfless and determined brave hearts,
Bold and fierce to face every dart.
But, for how long would our defences
continue sacrificing their lives?
Not just theirs!
Their parents, children’s and wives’.
Their lives are a mother’s long
wait to embrace her beloved son.
Someone’s nurturer and sometimes,
a guide to get children their
homework done.
Someone’s love, who wishes to see his
demeanor light with delight for once.
They are names in someone’s
constant prayers.
So many lives are sacrificed.
Not just theirs.
Just thinking of them makes one’s body
and mind reel with so many emotions.
Tanu Manhas
Sainik Colony, Jammu


Reading your overtures


Reading your overtures
My heart beats faster
And pumps blood faster
into my veins;
Solemn face blushes forth
Love’s nuances intricate.
Reading your overtures
Stars twinkle and make gestures
Through the curtains of haze,
Moon shines her slivery face,
Love’s beauty matchless.
Reading your overtures
Here I go
With faltering footfalls,
Inebriated heart is set afoot
On love’s winding path!
Surat Singh,


Beauty turned into beast


Since I left you!
I ‘ve been crowded by so many people.
You wished to be casual,
I urged to be methodical!
I thought you will sort out
But you created dilemma for me!
Still I made up with you,
I didn’t know that it was the beginning
of the end!
I thought you are a man of esteem,
But you disgraced me!
You proved me wrong and I got you right.
To whom ,i thought was a beauty of my life
Actually was a beast who ruined my soul!