inner voice



Some words prove to be mere
For people said them so,
I am really bewildered to say,
Whether it has gone high or low.
Renovation of Mubarik Mandi,
Not done as yet,
People waiting with anxious eyes,
And still there is lot to regret.
The project for Tawi Lake,
Witnessed to be non-functional,
Terrorism in the State,
Is a terrible trouble.
Operation for the Cable Car,
And construction of the fly overs,
Not done so far,
Which again prove to be a
Despite of numerous
Metador stands,
Passengers become the stop,
Negligible distance among the cars,
Has proved to become a great flop.
Only a magic can curb the situation,
Bring the faces of the people a grin,
Let the miracle happen.
Who can do Namumkin as Mumkin.,
Brinda Saini
Class 7th


Light Inside


My first day out of home
Light headed I would roam
I found a light
And it said to me just look and see,
Is this way you want to be.
You would go anywhere
If you get lost
Think of the light inside
Let it shine
Be a star and think of who you are
Is this a dream?
Just go home and see
This is not a dream
It is the light inside
You are shining bright.
‘Geet Kaur’
Class 4th
Prudence School,
Dwarka, New Delhi.




But why would I care
I am not a superman to dare
But I also want to have mansion
I do not want any more tension
My heart also desires to steal
But rather I go to God and Kneel
I know he will help me through
But hurts to see people change as I go
Kunal Raina




We are forced to become
What we really are not…
Many a times we are punished,
Even if there is not our fault…
We listen, we are scolded
And we suffer a lot…
To be patient is not so easy
And shedding tears is not an art….
It’s the time we feel too alone
It’s the time we need someone…
It’s the time when God disappears…
It’s the time when there are fears…
It’s the time, we want to cry
It’s the time, we cannot justify…
It’s the time, the silence is broken
It’s the time, we say what was unspoken…
It’s the time, we are too much hurt
It’s the time, when there is no value of ‘if’ or ‘but’…
Gurvinder Kour Raina
Holy Cross Convent High School R S Pura