Inner Voice


Bright are the stars
that shine,
Blessed are the women
worshiped as divine.
Beautiful are the flowers
blooming in every season,
Bliss is the world
and women are the reason.

Dr Vikas Jamwal

Meaning of life

One day I was having a walk
I was alone no one to talk
Thoughts were flooding in my brain
Which were making me insane.
Path splitted into two so
I started wondering where to go
One was high and other was low
I took the lower one to face life of sorrows.
It was really dangerous road
In which people were under workload
They were yelling at each other
But their yells, to me didn’t matter.
On taking the second road
I peeked to see,
A house which was full of glee
People were laughing and cracking jokes
And having dinner with silver folks.
I then thought “what a road I had taken”
Which left my life completely shaken.
People were happy but
sometimes they strife
Then I realised when happiness and sorrows together combine
They give meaning to a
word named “life”

Ananya Mahajan


When she suffered from
hemorrhagic stroke
Me it shook and broke
At hospital,when she was being
At home, solitary and gloomy, I studied
When she was battling for life
I was baffled , ruffled and
torn with strife
When she was struggling and suffering
Negativity and anxiety
I was shunning and deferring
When she was getting incessantly injected
Leaving her in pain with bruised hands and senses affected
I felt despondent and dejected
When she had support of her soul mate
I and my brother at different
places prayed together
When she came back to her happy home
I festooned her room with a
sense of bonhomie
When her hand she couldn’t move
Rendered immobile…did
she need a stove?
Thinking about this, woebegone,
my eyes drooped
When she like before smiled
and was gleeful
I was exuberant and felt blissful
When she inspite of pain
exhibited strength and valour
I was emboldened with
power and vigour
When she first wrote our names
With her immobile hand
and played games
Like a parent a proud feeling I had
With pen when their kids initially gad
Now, when I serve and care
for my mother
Along with my father
Seeing her improving and smiling
I feel as if life’s battle we are winning !!!!

Aditi Choudhary
APSD class 12