inner voice



Want to be away
Away from all
Where there is no one
Only me and my soul
Want to be away
Away from all
Want to fly,
fly high and high
Like those free birds
To the zenith unlimited
Knowing no boundaries
Want to be away
Away from all
Want to taske a path
Which the world never hath
Planting mark of every step
Which would neither be
Blown away by wrathful wind nor
Washed away by murky water
Want to be away
Away from all
Where there is no one
Only me and my soul
Hunder Nubra




In this world of rumming races
I watched a number of faces
Some were pale and restless
Some tense and confused
And some wrinkled and glowless
They all lacked cheer and smile
Only a few of them could have
Fading smiles without originality
These were deprived of red joviality
Filled with anger, fear and confusion
I just tried to find out the reason
It was only their prosperity
and advanceness
Which has snatched their smiles
and happiness
It was there unwanted desires
Which has made them unlustrous
People have been diverted
From their path and actions
From their rituals, customs, civilisation
Only for the sake of making themselves
But instead of becoming so cheerful
They are more depressed and fearful
Some unknown fear has
Made them apathetic and fretful
By evictting their happiness and smiles
Peaple should give up their desires
To know the value of precious smiles
Renu Bala
Sanjay Nagar, Jammu




Peace can never be won if we dare to fight,
What kind of atmosphere
will there be in sight?
All that begins in anger ends in shame,
Its all about controlling the
nerves and that is the game.
We can’t achieve anything after
the fight is done,
Thousands of people are
killed on the stroke of the gun.
We can learn a lot from any religion,
We’ve to trust in peace and
that is the big decision.
Fight and war create nothing
but lead to an end,
Creation of peace will
make the mind mend.
Soldiers sacrifice their lives
to compete for peace,
Terrorists arm themselves
to create mayhem
War makes our future gloomy.
We can reform for the good
by motivating the self daily.
Peace can only be achieved
by thinking rightly,
Birds will fly freely, animals
will do activities merrily
Are we about to learn nuisance
or realities!
Rajat Kumar Bigota, Doda