Inner Voice

Everyway is a path

Everybody listen up
If you don’t I don’t
wanna disturb you
Don’t you know its a simple quote
That I made for you to understand….
Don’t hold everything back
Its that everyway is a path,
Wherever you go
Move to and fro
There is a magical place
Magic dots trace
Not on extreme measure its
a little better
You will find treasure
It could be a unicorn
A world wonder
Or a 24 carats gold
It could be a pair of old
But see….
Don’t hold everything back
Try to understand
That wherever you go
Move to and fro
Everyway is a path
Everyway is a path

Geet Kaur Kundra


O these tests,
Superflous academic tests,
No time to prepare
For entrance tests.
Difficult to store,
Vast concepts in mind,
O how to retain so much,
Till marks given
and paper signed.
Aware as we must be
The examiner is not blind,
And not our bydweller
That gives marks so kind.
All worried,
Smile creases no face,
Will we get through,
Or falter in this pace.
Parents believe
the books are nifty,
Smartphones, career barriers,
With us no sympathy.

Sahaj Sabharwal
Pacca Danga,


Sometimes, I thought, is life a race?
The answer is no!
Then why people chase?
What are they searching for?
Either money or a big car !!
After having accumulated
all things with ease
But can’t afford the
happiness nor they can buy peace
They just make their life complicated
For the sake of being sophisticated.
Is this the purpose of human life?
In stress, we are working
day and night?
Find joy in every small thing
Live your life like a king

Sonika Verma
Lower Shiv Nagar,