inner voice



Why life is so hard?
Where sadness acts as a guard.
Why do people change?
Which seems to be so strange…..
Why people ditch like anything?
As if we are nothing
Why we cry?
Knowing that we can still try…
Why we give up?
Knowing we still can stand up
I’ve seen my parallels change
And then acting strange….
To their oddness, there is no range
And then acting as pure as a sage…
Don’t wanna see that day
Where I see them forever lay
Wanna see them gay
‘cuz for sure some or the other day
they’ve to pay…
Riya Aga


i am the universe


I’m part of Earth and the earth is me,
I dance on the Soil and it dances
I look up to the sky and it looks at me,
I embrace the sunshine
and it embraces me.
The stars glow in me and
I glow in stars,
The moon pours it’s beauty
and I restore it over my scars.
I fleet the clouds and the clouds
sail in me,
I’m in the colour of flowers
and the flowers bloom in me.
I’m am the word and the verse,
I’m the Sun Moon Stars Wind Light, Darkness and the “Universe”
Reha Krishan
K C Public School


That Little Rain Drop


O Wow !
That Little Rain Drop
Lying in the
vicinity of shady tree leaves
All around
covered with the
number of leaves
And with the rising sun
A beam of light
Passing through
occasionally touched
its surface
Making it shine
Like a glittering gold
Shinning sometimes
Golden red
Magnificantly beautiful
Neither diamond
Nor gold
Just a little rain drop
Lying hidden
in the leaves
And that’s the moment
when my eyes witnessed
the “Heavenly” beauty
So magical, so natural
And is no times
it faded away.
Kiran Kanchan
V/o Machhlian
PO Domana



The eyes that mesmerized me,
The smiles that engaged me,
The words that engrossed me,
The excuses that convinced me,
The tears that broke me,
The hands that tutelaged me,
The hugs that connected me,
And these are,
The memories that blemished me..
-Bipasha Raina