inner voice


The woods here are calm and sweet
A lovely view all around the eyes meet
Keep the worries aside,
unchain the minds free
This is the place to be for a treat.
The silence is heavenly, the mood a joy
Blessed are they who come here to enjoy
Walk a mile, then rest and admire
The blossoms , the vista, the birds so coy.
The breeze here has a story to tell
It comes from afar, it rings a bell
Down the mountains in majestic strides
Greets us all with caressing smiles.
We just can’t leave these woods alone
For they are our second home
Up in the morn we reach their gate
To immerse in nature with a
spring in our gait.
Kuldip Uppal
Vikas Nagar




As I walked down the shore tottering,
As I peacefully sat down swattering..
As the sun shone bright
on the riverbed,
As the falling leaves kissed
my forehead..
As I discerned the birds twittering,
As I doodled on the pebbles
As the water dampened my jaded feet,
As the passing time appraised my feat..
As I elated how much more
I had to trawl,
As I beheld how afar
I had been afterall..
Bipasha Raina



What more should I do for you,
just ask me
and I’ll do that for you.
Unless my soul turns cold,
And winds change hue.
Tell me what you urge for
Before the mighty elements engulf.
Love this summer autumn and icy winds
Live this in a sacred way.
Become empathic to needs of others
And do good deeds to ease others.
What more should I do for you before the
curtains fall
And there’s no way to reach you
Pooja Bhat
Meerut Cantt


My Inner Self


O Lord! Hear my prayer
Lest I despair
Beauty is in the woman,
From experiences
whose confidence comes
She can fall she knows that
Herself she can pick she assures that
And moves on thence,
she surely knows that
I, being the one
Similar to none
Don’t dare to mock
Don’t call me weak
Same person inside and outside
No double standards thereby
All my hatred for myself
The conflict within myself
Has vanished at last
Victorious I emerged out of the task
I found new” me”
And discovered new sheen
Gratitude I’m expressing
To haters all depressing
Made me love myself
Made me more stronger
Look at my strength
Hold your breath
Determined to fight back
Destined to rock
Despair when I’m at the peak
Proud of who I’m
With wisdom and mind of my own
With attitude and class
I’m….I’m the woman of honour!!!!!
Aditi Choudhary
Class 12 APS