Inner Voice

My Magic moment

Behold the stars in the vault of heavens
Universe ring the changes
when clock turns eleven.
From my grotto across the beach
I see mystic waves rolling
The sands of time are waiting for
footprints to come strolling.
A whistle stop tour to the wonders
of cosmos through pearly gates
You’ll be in a transport of delight
if you accept it as scintillating bait.
Coruscating stars mark the end of
crepulscular time
The fire of moon evokes the silence
of midnight so sublime.
Serene Sapphire Ocean turns into a
wrathful monster with oncoming storm
Soon the firmament will become azure,
a reception so warm.
The sandman comes and sweet slumber beckons
Dreaming of my sand castle
and the approaching of rains to reckon.
In the cloying beauty of nature the soul revives
Guzzling the wine of ambrosial life.
Atrabilariousness was removed
by witnessing the sun in cadence
Trailblazer walks the road crowned
with radiance.
The whole town is awashed by the new comber
Finally comes the panacea that ends
everything so somber.
At last I have drunk elixir of life and
reached the ether
In the land of wonders I am a fortune seeker.

Heenam Bhagat


All have eyes,
but only few a vision.
All have ears,
but only few can hear the cries
and sufferings of people.
All have nose,
but only few can smell the empty
kitchen of a poor mother.
All have hands,
but only few bring them
forward to help the needy.
All have legs,
but only few walk the path of selflessness.
All have mouth,
but only few speak the language of love.
All have fingers,
but only few point them
out to stop injustice.
In this world of social-beings
lets become animals untamed of lies,
hyprocrisy, injustice, inequalities,
despair and misdeed
making this place a better place to live…

Ashi Sharma


A child is the life of mother
A child is the dream of father
A home without a child is like a
flower without fragrance.
A child is like a mirror in which
Everyone views his image.
A child is like sun shinning in the sky
A child is a star twinkling very high
A child is like a flower which spread its
fragrance all over the world.
A child is the smile of a mother
And the hope of father.

Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar,
Sarwal, Jammu


How peaceful this solitude us,
How lonely!
How safe it is for the broken heart
hidden securely!
Away from the bonds
Away from the chains
Away from the demands
that everyone makes.
But how far will this ruse go?
Will the heart ever learn to let it go?
Will it refuse to mingle with rest,
and pull that walled heart
out of the chest?
Will it ever have the courage
to put itself again to the test?
Is this love for solitude
a disguised insecurity
or is it a choice made sincerely?
The time will pass by and
the old wounds will heal slowly
The heart will learn to walk again
step by step
making small progress daily

Purti Sethi