Inner Voice

To Prime Minister Imran Khan

Dear neighbour Imran Khan,
You are blessed
Just like me
We both
Have not suffered
The pains
The Partition
Brought on
The nation
That was
Divided into two
Like the descending
Sun of the British Empire
I know not about you
But, I saw this pain
In the deep blue
And sad eyes of
My father who
Expectantly waited
For sixty long years
For demolition of
A yet another wall of
Hatred and animosity
No harm, if we protect the walls
Our ancestors erected
Let such walls be safe, but
Let the people on either side
Breathe freedom with ease
Unlike our fathers
You and I am practical
We profess peace
And universal love
Modesty and bonhomie
We claim
Now is the time
To walk the talk

Sqn Ldr Anil Sehgal


Its not about me how I look,
Its not about me how I cook,
Its not about me how I speak
Its not about, how I should be,
Its about you…..
Its about your mentality.
Its about your inner blackness,
That intrudes into my world of happiness
Insisting me to behave like a robot.
The taboo of frankness
makes me go blank.
Do me a favour…..
Flip your mind, just like a coin.
And see me through my eyes.
I am more than your half truths about me.
Shakle your crown of biasedness,
have an eye upon real me.
I am more than this skin.
I am more than this pulsing vein.
I am more than this pulsing vein.
I am more than these hair.
I am more than this blackness and fair.
I am more than you can explore about me.
I am a deep rooted seed, you can’t dig and see beneath.
I am that glittering night star, wandering high sky free.
Beyond your eyes,
Beyond your senses.
Beyond your line of differentiation.
Beyond your breakable
fibre of appreciation.
Beyond your thoughts is me.
Beyond this societial competitive
fight is me.
Because I am me.
A soul careless about you

Sona Khajuria


People use and fling things,
But these days’ people use mind
and toss them
How sad is this! How sad is this!
You are indifferent to everyone
U will be on the top of the world,
But you will be on ground and u
will not even know
God made you, me and everyone,
You are indifferent to everyone
This is the reality of life.
He created the whole world and
he created you
You are inimitable, and unique
You are indifferent to everyone
The sky is not the limit
But you are your only limit
Be a free bird that chases sun and moon
You are indifferent to everyone
The crumbling structure is challenging you
Prove that you are unsurpassed
Go ahead and break the shackles
of the society
You are indifferent to everyone.

Priyanka Gupta