inner voice

I believe…

I believe in many things
in God and what we are
Looking to the future
awaits a shining star.
Life is not a happening
but planned long ago
each one make restitution
for the seeds we sow.
I believe if we endure
someone will smile on us
for sure
love is something that
will last
long after this life has past.
Remaining faithful we will
showers of happiness,
I believe
Kazi Shegri
Bogdang Leh

changing thinking

By changing your thinking
You change your beliefs;
When you change your beliefs,
You change your expectations;
When you change your expectations,
You change your attitude;
When you change your attitude,
You change your behaviour,
When you change your behaviour,
You change your performance;
When you change your performance;
You change your life!
Lokesh Dhar
Dachhan Kishtwar


One scratches to soothe when
dodging mosquitoes bite,
And nettle-rash gives innumerable
blisters of pain,
One in pain writhes and
contorts with scorpion bite,
One jumps when a wasp
or bee stings excruciating pain.
Itch from insects make one
a scratching fool;
A weaker poison dilutes with
some emulsion coat,
With hot coal burn a snake
digs its fanged tool,
Lethal poison sometimes
allays with an antidote.
A mongoose is happy to
sight a Venonous snake,
And mangles its hood and
laughs heartily,
A lizard eats insects and
counts its intake,
And tender cat cuts snake
in fleshy rolls playfully
Loss of faith in man and
woman and its acute pain,
Its itch or rash remains intact
in the memory lane
P N Peer


Refuse to be the cut stem in a pot,
Pretty and fragerant kept at a spot;
Beautiful but sad,
Pleasing but not glad;
Losing the charm day by day,
Seeing the passers by without any say;
Rather choose to be a tree,
Grounded to roots and set free;
Choose courage in the face of fear,
Choose wisdom in whatever you hear;
Choose silence over filthy words,
Choose love over fighting swords;
Choose gratitude over pride,
Choose confidence over what we hide;
Above all choose happiness for yourself,
Because its your choices that define you,
Its your choices that uplifts you;
Its your choice that makes you humble,
And its your choice that never makes you fumble;
So choose wisely,
And live graciously!!