Inner Voice


She’s always been there for me,
Just talking to her can make me happy,
She tells me of the hard times she’s been through,
Mommy dearest you will always be,
My mother so loving and
so loved by me.
When times seem too hard to bear and I feel like giving up,
I vision your beautiful face,
the twinkle of your eyes,
The bond we created from
womb to the day I was born,
Is a mother and daughter
bond that can never be torn.
You are as precious as a flower
and as gorgeous as a rose,
There are not enough words
to describe just how important
you “My Mother” is to me
and what a powerful influence
you continues to be….

Roshni Arora


Rain has power,
To bring a shower.
We enjoy in rain,
Than the journey in a train.
When comes rain,
We play in lane.
When comes rain,
We don’t get pain.
The heavy streams of the morning rain,
Delight the dry drain.
The gusty evening rain,
Gives a healthy tonic to my brain.

Kushaan Baliya
K.V. No. 1 Gandhi Nagar


Something in me desires to be what I am not
Craves for something which I have not got
However I may suppress however surpass
Desires come across and get a trespass
I tell them not to make a room in my heart
There is no space for them so better they depart
Still they make a way, however I resist
Keep on moving here and there without any assist
At times, desires get fueled, at times subside
So there is definitely a place where these reside
Desires keep inspiring, desires motivate
Keep the fire burning for one to innovate

Anu Gupta


When indecisions burn heart’s flame
Then there is none to take the blame
Who would like to honor that claim?
When none is ready to play the game
Still life commands many miles to go
Across the field to black berry bough
To set the future on positive right lines
In shoveling deep in hidden gold mines
To bring out the hidden treasure to spare
Making this over-populated country dare
To achieve her lost glory again to its fame
Trying with all its efforts to raise its name

Dr. Narhari Raizada
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu


Everyday turning up like an outraging symphony
with our trail on the rambling path
aimlessly we work, hence lesser we smile
our discontentment paving a way for wrath
only we inherit what parches our will
to gather what quenches our greed
careful, think twice about the direction you head for as karma avenges every ill-deed.
So, slow down a bit and sense the breeze
hear the insects recite a sonorous song
perceive the euphoria through the flowers
feel the raindrops wash you of all the wrong
discern the divine rays extinguishing the dark
cherish the serenity of being surrounded by green let yourself free of the devil caging you
as you immerse yourself in the allure unseen.

Niharika Sharma