inner voice


A light from our family is gone.
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home
Which can never be filled.
We have to mourn the loss of one,
We would’ve loved to keep.
But God who surely loved her best
Has made her sleep.
After a lifetime of her love and joy
And music to fill our ears
God leaves these
wondrous memories
To help us through our tears.
Shipika Pandita


Education is light,
When it is concentrated
it glows so bright..
Better to understand it for few time,
This will view the images of your cine.
No need to wake up all night,
If you will not cram it like tyke whight..
It is rightly known caution,
We must not be proudy
while taking Ken of education..
No need to study if you
don’t have an interest,
Better to leave it utterest..
Education is like a key,
Which can open all ways of yet..
Sahaj Sabharwal
Delhi Public School,


Beggars of feelings can never see
the sea of thoughts
blind they are
they can never find me in myself
And though I live
in this breathing body
its only a source
to end my time course
On this earth
where beggars  can never see
the sea of thoughts
Travelling my internal world
where tress of sadness grow
I smile seeing the plants of happiness
The dark star emitting
the rays of disgrace.
Tiny herbs are my achievements
Can be crushed by any ones feet
so  require great care
even though nobody comes here
Shrubs are disappointments
feeding every moment
overshadowing my herbs
year by year, they grow
But this world is far
better than outer
where beggars of feelings
want me to tell them
where I am?
Here I am
But you can never see
You can never reach here
Beggars, there I am.