Career Selection

Triveni Sidha

The universe has always offered humans with lots of options but it’s upon us, to select what’s best for us. This selection can be classified into any context, let’s say in our day to day routine we select between food, apparels even friends nowadays. Feels bit weird while saying this but yes our minds have turned out to be much more confusing than the crossword puzzles because our half of the life has gone in making such selections while other half is spent thinking whether the decision is right or not. One of such major life changing decisions is Career.
Career selection seems to be that phase where we have to select between what is simple and what is easy. No one can live a future full of mistakes or wrong decisions.
With 1000’s of options, how you are going to pick up right for you?
People always opt best when it comes to career but, do we ever acknowledge that this best fits for us?
Career in general terms for people has seen selection of streams whether science/arts/commerce or more with the aim of seeing oneself as doctor or engineer and recently after implications of GST and demonetization, CA. Career, according to me is, “it’s a dream that can’t be accomplished unless you envision it.”
Career selection has different phases in one’s life and all these different phases help an individual to reach his final self-actualized targets. These¬† phases are:
Assess yourself
Career is an unpredictable pitch where a good striker can either hit six or can get out for a duck. A command on subject defines student’s interest towards it and it could be either related to academics or interest, skills, values (combination of personality type) that will make some streams an individual. Also, according to psychology one can use the self-assessment tools often called career tests or you can go for a good career counselling.
Explore oneself
Assessing oneself gives confidence to explore on that particular field where one can achieve excellence. Being in technocratic world where we have got such a boon in forms of internet facilities and high networking gadgets, what we have to do just is “to sit back and analyze the various options which may include BDS, BSc in nursing, biotechnology, genetic engineering, performing arts (dance, music, acting), MBA, CA, IAS and many more.
Enlightening oneself
Try to have belief in your confusions rather than having more faith in others assumptions. Being an Indian and belonging from typical Indian family I must quote this “Tum wo kyu nai karte jo Sharma ji ka beta krta hai”. Seriously no offence to any Sharma’s but our society plays a vital role in offering various advices and suggestions while going for a particular decision. Listen to them but don’t get attract because you are the captain of your ship, the way you take it, that direction it will move. Try to enlighten your inner self. Find a way from where your passion and profession meets on the same stop and you can board your destination from there.
Stick to the plan
We humans have tendency to get attracted to fancy stuff whether it’s from smallest red blazing colored Max Fresh Colgate to the big titled chambers with letters MBBS/CA/IAS. Moreover, if not in this trap suddenly get lured to high pay scales or white collar jobs or some big fat wealthy business. All of this will satisfy your external requirements but not your inner-self. When these fancy pictures turn up to be the worst nightmares that is when we get the real scenario. Many people change their choices until they find themselves satisfied. It’s much better to have permanent choice.
Prepare your heart and brain and put a mark on right career ladder. Don’t shuffle and shift unless you really fall into such circumstances. Once you have final decision try to reach hardest destination from simplest roads which includes training and developing your skills-up-to the level of sky and challenging oneself to the thresholds of limits.
A healthy competition, smart work and dedication will turn your passion into profession. Be the architect of your dreams. The motto behind this is to make you believe that your dreams can become reality because “Self-belief makes a person perfect and confidence in eyes makes a person professional.”
I am not a writer but this self-belief within me makes me write this and sometimes passion speaks better than anything else. So, stay focused. Keep moving forward and overcome all your barriers.One day you will definitely shine in your story.