Hope is the essence of life
A day starts with a ray of hope
Eyes glitter with a light of hope
Birds fly through the sky
in hope of finding shelter
Relationships may fade away
Friends may leave
But hope is one tool
we have to keep
Hopelessness is like death
it separates us from our breath
There is one power up there
Who wants us to keep hope
So, whether it is good or bad time
We should never lose hope.

Dr. Monika
GMC, Jammu


The stormy seasons passed by me.
And I lay in a corner for years alone.
One messy day, a butterfly crossed
my window.
Like new greenery,coming to cover
a bare meadow.
For a few minutes,she roamed around.
Then settling on my hand.
She stared at me in a way.
As if reminding me of my living.
A cocoon shell i was engraving.
She was tender,though hit hard
at my shell.
Broke it and drag me back.
Gave me her colours and an
unwearied spirit.
Narrated me her hardships.
And endless transformations.
Being broken timely,still so complete.
Look at her wings,beauty can be seen.
Though being a human,
I was underestimating myself.
That lucky day,i was blessed
with a tiny teacher.
And an everlasting lesson.
With her opened wings to fly back.
I was reborn with zeal and vigour.
A passionate fire inside of me, burning even brighter.
To make me soar higher and higher.

Sona Khajuria


India is my country
I shall try to make it free
From all internal control
Like caste, poverty and creed.
India is a beautiful place
People are its wealth
To make it more better
We shall take a step.
Great people were born here
Like Mahatma Gandhi,
B R Ambedkar and all
I say my India is free
And it’s unique, we all know

Nirbhika Khajuria
Presentation Convent
Sr. Sec. School

The Shadow

I was watching a movie at midnight 12,
“Don’t be scared!” I kept telling myself.
Then suddenly, a shadow passed
by me close,
My body turned cold from
my head to my toes.
The shadow was moving swiftly,
from left to right,
I kept following it even though I was full of fright.
But then, I sensed something is really bad,
So I started to scream, ” Help me Mom! Dad!”
No one descended or answered my call,
When suddenly I couldn’t see anything at all.
Everything was dark, totally black
And as a matter of fact, I had been kidnapped.
A question arose in my mind,
How would I survive?
‘Should I roll, duck or should I dive?
I started saying sorry for all my sins,
And then, the darkness around me
turned a little dim.
Then out of all the shadowy dark,
There came a tiny little shark.
I opened my eyes full of fear,
And realized , it was just a nightmare.

Dhriti Kotwal
Class 8th