Inner Voice


One’s potential is so huge, and so vast,
Yet, why is it, that so many fail,
and usually come last?,
So, few truly succeed, that when they do,
others are jealous and totally aghast,
Let’s all believe in success, and
I promise that failure will be part of the past.
The things you think,
and the things you believe,
If they are true, then those are
the things that you will achieve,
But if your thoughts are false,
or they are used to deceive,
You’ll be stabbed in the back, and
that is a promise that you had better believe.
Get rid of depression, worry and fear,
Because success is so often so very, very near,
Tell your subconscious , “success is mine”, and tell it to hear,
Remind it often, then success will be yours, that is a promise, my dear.
Just ask the “Divine”,
for whatever you desire,
For happiness or abundance,
or anything else to which you aspire,
It’s now time to succeed, so go ahead, set your goals, and light that fire,
Do it with passion,
and I promise you this,
you’ll soar higher and higher.

Mudasir Magray
Gandoh, Doda


O Lord
You give me rain
You give me shine
You give me everything
And what a fun
What a fun
When I was trying to
Give me to you
You came
And gave you
To me

Sujit De,


As I sat dreaming about my chances of success
I stumbled upon a topic that could
lead me to the crest
A topic my teacher was bent on making me learn
So that could, with ease let success be churned…
Discipline is what my teacher stressed on….
A word that could let me make up for
the time that was gone
Be it in academic or sports or any other field…
There are countless benefits a
confident mind could yield..
A confident mind is the product of
disciplined approach…
That, through months of hardwork,
let the mind be coached….
Discipline in school plays an important role
In turning us into responsible
citizens on the whole..
Discipline at home makes our parents
shower on us praise…
Relieved they are to see that
there is no need to mend our ways
Indeed, discipline and obedience
often go together…
They help us to reach out to success
in times of bad weather.
I now realise why my teacher
scholds us for being naughty
If we are disciplined now,
we shall be successful before forty.
Today, I am trying to be disciplined
in each and every step.
Come tomorrow, I shall thank my
teachers for turning me into the best.

Vishu and Naina