inner voice


Life and death; without one there
cannot be the other.
For some it’s short, but they live
it like no other.
For most it’s long, and to be happy
they don’t ever bother.
The second we are born is the
second we begin to die.
As a child, we live life and don’t worry why.
As we grow, it gets tougher and we don’t want to try.
Like everything else, it will end
and we’ll have to say goodbye.
Whether it’s twenty years or
one hundred-twenty,
Live it with a purpose to be
greater than many.
Most likely life will be long;
Because if you act in the
moment life is never kind.
Nidhi Gupta

Pluviophile’s Solace

Lonely I stand among the rain drops,
I miss as it is off my face.
I gaze around as it wipes my tears,
I gaze as it takes away all my fears.
I stare towards the mysterious sky,
I stare to find my endless joy.
I feel the close hugs of rain,
I feel how far it takes all my strain.
I open my arms little wide,
I open my heart as I have
nothing more to hide.
I close my eyes in peace,
Wondering what brings a
pluviophile’s solace..
Bipasha Raina


Just a second ago
You were near my ear
Singing tales of ego
Which I couldn’t bear
Sucking blood of other
As if it was for free
No pain for your brother
Murdered by sandal in glee
Still you don’t stop your alarm
You come with no fear
As if you won’t do any harm
But nobody needs you here
Incomes the flying sandal
Fiercely approaching towards you
Strikes you with velocity you
can’t handle
And now a painting on
wall is all left of you..!!
Sunil Singh


India, a land of customs,
diversity and democracy,
Where in each person
you will find hypocrisy!
Where a girl’s character is determined
by what she wore,
If suit then sacred, if skirt then whore!
Saree or burkha, no matter what’s your age.
If you’re a woman, then face the rage!
The monstrous lust doesn’t see their pain,
Protests? Fights? Tried, but in vain!
Humanity is missing,
somewhere in the lands!
Nothing is affected by these pale faces
and trembling hands!
Nothing is affected by
these pale faces
and trembling hands!
I’m proud to be an Indian, the pride
that thrills through my heart’s despair,
“God please! Hell but not India”
might be the victim’s prayer!
Salil Gupta