Inner Voice


Shall I be an engineer or a doctor
I cannot make out of it, I wonder
Shall I be a physician or a musician
I wonder and am at a cross
Shall I be a lawyer or a leader
What to do I wonder
I shall be neither an engineer
Nor a doctor.
I shall neither be a good
Physician or musician
But surely
I shall be a teacher
As well as a preacher
Each one, teach one shall be word
Holding, a pen not a sword

Moti Lal Bhan
Surya Vihar, Bohri,


How beautiful are flowers
Of different hues and colors
Pink Red Yellow Green
Of Marigold, Roesmary, Jasmine
And how soothing their fragrance
Reclined on the thorns
Ever always beaming smiles
Giving happiness to all

Surat Singh,


This life is yours
Take the power
To choose what you want to do
And do it well
Take the power
To love what you want in life
And love it honestly
Take the power
To control your own life
No one else can do this for you
Nothing is too good for you,
You deserve the best……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Komal Mengi
Raghunath Bazar, Jammu


Let me close the eyes of my soul
That I may not see
What stands between thee ‘n’ me.
Let me halt this beat of my heart
That I may not hear
A voice that beats yours, O dear !
Let me cut the cords of my life :
Of my desolate being.
And unwept, unsung,
Let me leave ;
Since cursed is my love ,
My Hearing N Seeing !

Varun Manhas [XII]
SP Smart Hr Sec. School


When indecisions burn heart’s flame
Then there is none to take the blame
Who would like to honor that claim?
When none is ready to play the game
Still life commands many miles to go
Across the field to black berry bough
To set the future on positive right lines
In shoveling deep in hidden gold mines
To bring out the hidden treasure to spare
Making this over-populated country dare
To achieve her lost glory again to its flame
Trying with all its efforts to raise its name

Dr Narhari Raizada
162-A/D Gandhi Nagar,