Inner Voice


Two decades back, I passed out of
the medical school,
Fresh as morning dew, breezing cool.
I was NOT best in the college,
But was full of passion and knowledge.
Led student council with the
sheer force of personality,
Blessed with sort of special quality.
The quest for excellence, what’s latest and hot,
And to deliver perseverance with perfection was vital, I thought.
Prescribing the pills at night and noon,
I believed were medical miracle and boon.
Two decades later, now I realize,
In such a profession there is no prize.
I forgot, there was something more,
I was terribly missing deep into core.
To hold a patient’s hand and
wipe an attendant’s tear,
Sharing my shoulder to support,
made me cheer.
Where all the medical high-tech fail to cure,
A little compassion can make it happen for sure.
Now looking back, I think I was a little fool,

Dr Vikas Jamwal
(SMVDSB, Katra)


I hope the morning’s gonna come
Light’s gonna be filled everywhere
Life will be colorful
I’ll be more alive
Nights need to go
Black is just a rumor
Nothing’s that dark though
Follow the rule of dispersion
The way white disperses into
A rainbow
I too will
Hopes hopes hopes
To live in solitude isn’t that bad
Self recognition is important
No wonder I’m a psychopath
Or is it what they believe I’m
Life too exists for me
Basics for it
being happiness…..?

Parul Anand


Mother, mother, mother
Like you is none other
You are the one and only one
In the darkness of life, you are my sun
You want nothing except selfless love
She always thinks good of her children
She always wishes for their everlasting win
How selfless is she, how forgiving one
Wishing for her health and a long life
May her life be hasslefree and lack of strife
One who pleases mother,
gets grace of God
As she is none other but replica of Lord

Anu Gupta


Forests are lungs of land,
We are destroying them
With our industrial band.
Forest makes our land look green,
Our acts can make it as never seen.
Forest helps to bring rain,
What we give in turn is just pain.
Forest removes earth’s dirt and grease,
We never stop cutting it’s trees.
Forest provides us with everything we need,
Still we never consider it as our friend indeed.
Forest provides us with cool breeze,
How can we cut it with so much ease?
Stop it! Stop cutting trees,
Instead save them, so it’s
growth may never cease