INNER VOICE (17-04-2022)


Her innocence was taken away at a very young age
She was beaten
She was maimed
She was killed and raped
She was ashamed of who she was
She felt dirty where their hands touched her
No one looked at her the same way
She closed off completely
Her family treated her like a porcelain doll
Who might break into pieces if something went wrong?
They walked on eggshells whenever she was around
She talked to no one
Her only friend was the darkness inside of her
Until one day he came
They were strangers when they met
He had heard rumours but did not believe them
He treated her the way no one else ever did
She could not believe it
For her, it was like a fairy-tale
Until one day he disappeared
She found a note saying, ‘I have a family and I hope that you find happiness again’
And just like that, she was left heartbroken by the man whom she had let inside her heart, her deepest thought, her mind, body, and soul
But this time she did not give up
Because she had an unborn child to take care of
She was stronger than ever before
She worked and worked and worked
Until she had achieved what they had dreamed of
But even after many years
Her eyes were cold
She felt nothing at all
Her unborn child was never born ’cause he had met the grim-reaper
– Arushi Rai


When the dark breaks and the dawn is gone
There in the midst of the horizon arises a ray.
A ray to see the sun again
Or maybe to see the sun for the one last time.
The emptiness fills the sky with the stars of hope , to still look forward to life.
Somewhere between the dark of the night and the light of the stars
Juggles my heart pounding hard .
Reminiscing the past ,
The future bounces up to grab my attention
And yet I fail to embrace the present.
There’s a yearning to rise above all the trifles .
To untangle the fetters of the dreading turmoil.
So, Here in the dark
With the stars I have a light ,
A ray holding up a promise
To again see the twilight.
Divyanshi Sharma

The Reality of life

Time is temporary
Life is permanent
To live this life
You have to be adamant
Keep improving your attitude your behaviour
That is going to be the only saviour
Be confident and believe your innerself
And never apologize for being yourself
Stay focused and be humble
Never fall in the gossip rundle
Happy moments are interim
The reality of whole life is quite grim
Life is an array of challenges,
With some elements as the joyful packages
The hapiness will come and go,
But the simplest rule is go with the flow,
Happiness comes from defeating your problem
Only this will give you a great momentum.
Bitter times dont last too long,
Eventually things turn right from wrong
Be patient and give your best shot
Learn to swim in this boiling pot.
Whatever happens here is for betterment
Hence time is temporary
But life is permanent.
Aryan Kinue