Inner Voice


O my Mother
O, dear Mother give me a chance to live.
I will shine like a Moon just do believe
I want to see this world and
can fly in the sky like a bird.
Give me a chance to fulfil my dream.
I am sacred in your protective womb
just listen to my scream.
Why I have to sacrifice my life
before coming into this world.
Why dear Papa you don’t
come forward and become bold.
With my small hands
I can’t protect myself from pain.
But mother after killing me
what will you gain.
The feeling of guilt within
you will always remain.
I am so weak that can’t
revolt against this crime.
I am alone and team of murders have join.
Who can save me and let me awake.
Let me live for the God’s sake.
Don’t show me the knife
because you don’t have
the right to deprive me of life.
I too have right to live
Dear Mother
at last I would say from your womb
don’t send me to the tomb.

Dr. Daisy Parihar


Words become my friends joining their own hands
In writing a poem for me, which soon thus stands
In the realm of poetry, not thought of by me before
Gives sense to the words, which were new no more
Lone words are senseless, as they convey nothing
When they join each others’ hand they’re of meaning
When I have no work to do or when I am totally free
The words so fast start jumping in like any old reverie
They make me emotional, to think of few gone by days
When all school friends were close to meet all the days
Now all are scattered like birds being from a bigger nest
Gone to professional colleges, their knowledges to digest
I hope to meet them again when they would all come back
Carrying the load of some degrees with their names’ track
Life is like a long poem having variant hidden connotations
I move, blind-folded with it knowing some of good intention

Dr. Narhari Raizada
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.


When things run out of hands,
The confused mind comprehends,
It’s your wish, before which, O’ Lord!
My egoist head always bends.
At many a times I forget,
Take gigantic strides ahead,
Am thrown back to place, I belong,
Always fastened to a loosened thread.
Desires in bounty allure,
One fades, another appears,
Man trained in logics still;
Succumbs to smiles and tears.
Irksome at gathering too live,
When alone amused up to soul,
At times both wild and civilised,

Ram Krishan
GGHSS Udhampur

The Dark Nights

The old sun rising up again from the new horizon
With some unknown shining but deadly strings
Causing destruction of the pillars of the only life
Hiding the soul , ready to stab , holding the knife
The era has changed itself with time completely
Far more dangerous than ever before , u know
This gonna end the world soon , be ready to say bye
All brains are washed away with the crap of the hell
No one will ring the bell of goodluck on the doorsteps
The innocents faces , now all seems to be unfamiliar
The smile is fading away leaving behind a grey mask
The fingers are tapping constantly , its really dreadful
Someone will not see the rising sun of the next day
Sitting beside his shadow , but following his instinct
What to do now , can’t get back, nothing to say
They are being set up , but when will they wake up
After killing thousands , sun will shine , I hope
The sun will remain the same as long as forever
No more brightening light , here coming the dark nights

Anil Rajgotra
NIT Srinagar