inner voice

Smile, it is free

A smile is cheer from you to me,
the cost is nothing, it’s given for free.
They console the weary
and gladden the sad.
And can make someone
happy when they are mad.
Unlike blessings
in which we pray
it’s the only thing you keep
when you give it away.
Abhinandan Singh Jasrotia
Hiranagar, Kathua

The gone times

Like a moving water
Times can never be brought back
Like a changing black shadow
Images can’t be formed like that
Once when you are away for a while
Your presence will never be counted back
When they can’t withstand you
They will move away just like that
Once the charm is gone
The glory will be occupied by another man
Just like once you lose your dignity
Its harder to conceive it back .
Life is stuffed with many such atrocities
Still you got to walk no matter dead or alive
You will have to make it alright
Just like once they were your Everything
Truth is pregnant with many such covered lies
You don’t have to be strong to fight
They will lose seeing you gay , happy
and with all things nice
you pay attention ,
They gain possession.
You look away,
They start coming your way.
And I always say
“Whats meant to be will be”
Dont panick Don’t be upset
Its all lies under the Flowery bed
Just like a lost battle
You can never win life every time
For once give it a chance as well
To show you the other colours at night
You don’t have to be right
All the time,
But you can’t forget the times
When you forgot to be right
Sometimes things are
not meant to happen
Leaving a scar like that
left by a blacksmiths brand.
Its true you can’t turn back the time
Then how to put yourself at peace
With the things done in the Gone Times?
Sasha Banhotra


“This is the man I am.
My life moves in a circular direction.”
I come back home to go away
and go away to come back.
I have no address except for the name
of the  Vessel, my Passport shows one,
my home is elsewhere, where my heart belongs.
I am not like any other man, but yet I am the most ordinary person at heart.
I cannot go through the daily mundane stuff of the ordinary man and yet the ordinary man cannot take the pain which I go through.
He cannot live away from his home,
love and life for months on end.
He cannot be the helpless son, the lonely                          husband and the yearning father.
He will never know the frustrations of staying away for days and not getting rest at all,                      working constinuously around the clock.
There are no constant times, we stick to.
The ordinary man will not know the lonely                      cabins I come to after work.
Whereas he comes to a house full of people.
He gets to eat what his mother cooks and gets to be hugged by his children daily.
I only see them on pictures. He gets to hear them and see them daily, whereas I have to be strong and do my duties.
My wife must be silently wiping her tears and braving the pain I go through when I cannot see here, when I don’t see her as well.
I fight myself daily,
I fight these surging thoughts,
I tell myself not now mate, our duty calls.
I look forward to the day I meet my folks at home,
I pray for their safety and well being here and hope they are happy.
I only want them to know, that while I stand tall on the bridge or working hard at the engine,
I love my family and I am proud of
who I am and what I do….
“The Ordinary man I am inside,
I shall always be” But…..
The man I am today..No Ordinary man shall be.”
Nipun Handa