inner voice

My Father

Here’s my father
To the world, he does not bother
He’s my super hero
But tolerance… zero
He has many mood swings
He takes out my mistakes like small twigs
He wants a scene
Which is very clean
He is one
Who’s a complete bun
He always care for his girls
For him as precious as pearls
Sometimes he is a might
Then it is his right
He’s never partial
Instead every situation he fights like a martial
His heart is as big as a hall
And he’s best of all
Rashi Aga
KC International
School, Jammu

To My Dad!

O’God your power is ineffable,
Listen my pleas that are more capable!
Like a snake my loneliness is hissing,
To my dad! My wetty eyes are missing!
Give a chance and return him back,
Only for him, whole things I will sack!
My eyes wana see him, my ears wana listen him,
My lips wana talk him, my arms wana hold him!
O’God he left for the sake of your services,
Now send him back, I wana calm fire of my burning heart.
Suram  Singh Sumee
(Basantgarh, Udh.)


What is life when everyone is to die,
There is nothing to be idle so at least try.
Forget the failures, for better they are to lead,
But one doesn’t accept them,
thinking it wasn’t their need.
In the present times,
Life is not so easy as it rhymes.
Because one does everything
that he expects,
Doesn’t matter what dignity or respect.
As a real happiness is the last quest.
But where to go and where to find,
Its not so easy neither so kind.
One thinks reaching on peak could do,
Will make me happier and family too.
Boys want to be successful
with a golden spoon,
Girls wish to be successful and
be with a millionaire groom.
Some expect a job expecting
themselves at the top,
While others are happy
with a smaller stop.
Some quit with complexes pursuing their dreams,
Its not so easy as it seems.
Life is good when you live it on the ground,
Happy the one is with smiles so profound.
Nothing lies in things they’re
just twists and turns,
Just live a simple life
and be safe from burns.
If you want to be happy make others too,
This effort is invincible the
easiest thing to do.
Life is short but one can live it long,
Even before the sunrise
and even after dawn.
No matter what it takes, you’re just the best,
Its not hard to work and enjoy Sunday’s rest.
Realise yourself and let be what you are,
This is the real truth taking you so far.
Urva Urvashi Dhar

I wonder……

I wonder why the grass is green,
And my friend is so mean.
I wonder how birds fly,
And I cannot try.
I wonder how sea has so much water,
And our house has not a quarter
I wonder why the land is dry,
Thinking this I always cry.
I wonder why babies sleep in cot,
Thinking this I broke a pot.
I wonder why the stars twinkle,
And my grand parents have wrinkles.
I wonder why, I talk so loud,
That I can burst a white cloud.
I wonder why the train chugs,
And I love it when
my mom gives me a hug
Vanya Suri
Delhi Public School