INNER VOICE (07-08-2022)

Friendship Day

A friend is the one who stands by your side.
When he is there, there is nothing to hide.
He is like a one huge bubble.
He is a one big shield who can never see you in trouble.
When a friend is there your sorrows turn to happiness.
The life turns smooth and nothing remains mess.
A friend is always your source of motivation.
When friendship occurs there remains no obligation.
In our lives they have no self-greed.
They give us their own desires to succeed.
God bless the friends who give us a proper stand.
In our toughest times, they give us their own hand.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu

Race to impress

I am stuck in a race to impress
Even though there’s a lot to express
I don’t want to be left behind
So much emotions I got to hide
There is no meaning to my life
In the mirror I stare at my hollow eyes
I want to sleep all day long
And wake up to a beautiful world
Where I can stop and take a deep breath
And relive all the happiness that I deserve
Vasudha Sharma

Return Back….!!!

Return back the time we spent together,
Return back those feelings we shared together…!
Return back that smile, when I cried for you,
Return back that shine, When I worried about You…!
Can you return back those eight years,
You lived happily and I lived in fear….!
Can you return back those words I wrote for you,
Can you return back those thoughts, I thought of you…!
Return back my care, what I did for you…!
Return back my tears what I dropped our for you..!
Return back my innocence when I love you,
Return back my broken heart beating in you,
Return back my love what I did to you,
Return back my day, which I spent with you…!
Return back my smile I lost for you,
Return back my love I showered on you,
Return back my love I showered on you..!
Return back those memories we made together
Return back those promises you made never…!
Return back, those eight years together we spent…!!!
Dr. Sukhjinder Singh Jasrotia