Inducting women in NDA


I n a significant development , the Central Government having decided to induct women in the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA) and ensuring that gender equality was given its due place in the Armed Forces heralds a new chapter and thus paving a way for more women in it and that male dominancy in the NDA was a bygone chapter . Since the matter was under the consideration of the Supreme Court , the action of the Government goes exactly in the spirits for what the court in respect of women getting equal opportunities in the Indian Armed Forces had desired. Women officers in our forces from time to time have shown exemplary grit , courage and professionalism and their track record of service. It has indeed been such which could be emulated hence no bar whatsoever anywhere to build a career for them in the Armed Forces. The decision of the Central Government can be seen in the light of the Apex Court early last year directing for granting permanent commission for women officers in the armed forces. In the light of the paving smooth way for women in the NDA, right after passing 12th , women can now prepare for a career in the Armed Forces where no bar for of any sort including for co-education would be there.