India’s first driverless train in Delhi

The resilience with India and Indian people can be seen that while we are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on our daily lives and economy of the country, side by side, we are on the mission to move forward and introduce newer and modern technologies in our infrastructure. The latest of that can be seen in chugging off the country’s first -ever driverless train in Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line. The excitement and novel experience of those ‘passengers’ who rode the maiden run of the driverless train on a Delhi Metro corridor, is really enviable. Did anyone of those passengers carry some sort of apprehension, it is reported that nothing of the sort was experienced. The inauguration of the operation of this special type of train was done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, of course, through video conference on December 28 in New Delhi. Growing urbanisation becomes as an opportunity as made known by the Prime Minister and Metro services, therefore, were likely to be extended to 25 cities from the present 18 by 2025 . We expect Jammu and Srinagar too may be covered soon as both the capital cities need such services as a solution to a great extent to curb pressure of traffic on our roads