India, US are natural allies: Ram Madhav

Asserting that India and the US are natural allies, senior BJP leader Ram Madhav today said Washington should think beyond trade and focus on strategic relations between the two countries.
He also suggested that there is a need for clarity from the United States on its policy for Indio-Pacific region.
At an event organised by the US-India Business Council, the BJP general secretary said, “Trade is not the only relation between the two countries. Beyond trade, I think strategic relations are more important. US and India are natural allies.”
“Transactional nature of the relationship needs to be addressed. India stands as an opportunity. When you look at it as an opportunity, there has to be change in US approach. The US should not look its relationship with India merely as a trade relationship, it should not look this relationship on transactional basis,” Madhav said. Madhav, besides being the party’s office bearer, has also been responsible for organising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s various public interactions abroad like the Madison Square Garden event in New York in 2014. (PTI)


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