India requisite oxygen to be super power

Raja Sarfaraz Ahmed
‘To be inside is to progress these days’
Since Second wave of corona major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, MP, Utter Pradesh, Jaipur and Punjab are badly hit by deadly corona virus mutant returned in triple variant. Last year, scientists had detected a new variant called B.1.617 with two mutants the E484Q and L452R. This double mutant strain was first detected in Maharashtra no doubt the first corona case came from Kerala having a travel history of Wuhan China the base camp of corona. The mutated strains of te virus can be detected through Genome sequencing of samples collected from different states. Experts believe that India’s second surge is fueled by double mutant strain of the virus, which is said to be more infectious. The third mutant is said to have been evolved from the double mutation where three different Covid strains have combined to formed a new variant. India after a huge fight back with first wave last year after losing lakhs of precious lives, jib, employment, dip of economy was trying to get back on track and since the recovery rate was getting above 90% people started treating corona as a casual virus. Now every one was trying to get back to position, lakhs of people lost their job, few of them worked with partial or zero salary, work from home came into work fashion , education sector got crippled especially schools got closed and since then schools, colleges , universities are not allowed to get opened only online mood of education is a last option
Now a little relief was vaccine but the goal has yet to achieve because not even 50% of people are vaccinated and also there is no evidence the person vaccinated will not get effected by virus even these days there are thousand of cases who have been vaccinated few of the once and others twice which completes the cycle of vaccination clinical trails two dose Covid 19 vaccines Covishield and Covaxin are being used in India no doubt these vaccines have lower down the risk of death but gain cannot be a solid solution. The vaccine being free of cost of being delivered from higher system to lower dispensaries so that maximum people can be benefitted as per data so far 52,211,398 people have been given first Dose and 8,901,956 people have been fully vaccinated, but since February 2021 the second wave started and so no one was much serious about it and in March it started showing bad effects , so far 16.6M cases , 13.9M got recovered and 190 people died in India. But since two weeks rise of cases took place from thousands to lakhs and so death rate also became high the most danger thing is almost all hospitals are packed and no place for new patients, the health system although is working day and night but less availability of oxygen is a serious concern and most of the patients are dying because of unavailability of oxygen and ventilators. The terrific view these days on roads with dead bodies and ambulance out side hospitals and roads made an alarming situation . no proper medicine is available so far.
India need to reconsider its developmental plans and focus more on health sector. Besides having top recovery rate as compared to Europe, America why second wave confiscated its deadly effect on lakhs of people are still going on furiously. We have no batter medical facilities here, few of hospitals are well equipped and modified others are huge building from out side only. Our Doctors besides doing marvelous join without bothering about their life are keeping no stone unturned to save lives and working day and night but what can a doctor do if he is not technically equipped, our system is responsible for this debacle and at this moment we are thinking about more oxygen plants, more hospitals because we have got to know the necessity is the mother of invention but who will be responsible for those precious lives. To reach moon doesn’t mean we are a technically modern country but out ground is week , our efforts are in some other direction that’s why our health 3 has failed. India as per 03.Nov .2020 data has total of 43,486 private hospitals, 1,18 million beds, 59,264 ICUs and 29,631 ventilators, where as on the other hand there are 25,778 public hospitals. 713,986 beds,35,700 ICUs. Total private infrastructure accounts for nearly 62% of all India’s health.
infrastructure. What can we do when more then 3 lakh cases are coming In 24 hours? . the variation of deaths is huge in short span as on 29 March 2021 their were 271 deaths and on 23 April there are 2,64 deaths in 24 hours.
As college professor Salma Khan (71) tested positive for Covid and her health dipped, her family began the hunt to find him an ICU bed in Delhi.
Over three days, Salma’s family made more than 300 calls and visited 25 hospitals, big and small. With nothing panning out, the family on Friday decided to take her to Moradabad, 170 km away, to a local hospital.
As per the Delhi corona app, out of 4,590 ICU beds in the city, only 45 were available on Friday afternoon.
In nut shall it’s a bit late to realize but at least we need to get a lesson from this and start working on ground zero and not only do big announcements ,that will not create magic to save precious lives. The power of its nation is with he people and if the people are health and progressive it will ultimately make a country powerful as of now India needs oxygen supply to save lakhs of people and for this neighboring nations have also came forward to show a sign of humanity and globally one family gesture. People need to follow gain same rules and SOPs so that it will become easy for nation to fight and acquire success and a demand of lockdown is on cards very soon so that chain can be broken atleast when their are less facilities avialable.