India on the World Body

A moment to feel proud of in respect of India making it to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) with effect from the start of the next year. After being chosen to head the WHO, it is another feather in the cap of India which is gaining its strong foothold in matters that are far beyond the land or are in respect of international politics, diplomacy and occupying a niche among top countries of the world to have its voice and point of view being heard with interest and respect. True to its way of life and looking at things including international peace, diplomacy and cooperation, India will lend credence and plausibility to transparency, credibility and effectiveness to the UNSC.
India witnessed a strong international support for being elected to the world body which was evident from 184 out of 192 voters garnered by it . Though it is a non permanent seat and only for a two year term , yet it was not an ordinary development at the international scene amidst global crisis . If it is taken as a “fitting testament ” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s global leadership, it would only mean a fair and accurate assessment. The said body has five permanent and 10 non permanent members. India on this world body, which it should have been decades ago as a permanent member, but due to political far sightedness deficit it did not become, shall prove as a unifying and crisis settling force to the benefit of the member countries.