India is now a super space power

Call it a major historical achievement or a splendid monumental step or both, India has proudly entered with lofty and elegant but strengthened steps, into the top elite space club of four countries by demonstrating that its anti satellite weapon could target a live satellite very successfully and precisely. India, thus is the fourth nation in the world in having achieved this feat, the other three countries being the US, Russia and China respectively. In other words, it means that India can fight and target its enemies even in the space and thus has shown its fast growing military might. It is an admitted fact that our space scientists have made the country proud of them, for their dedication, level of research and the hard work especially with such accuracy and precision without going in for trials and retrials. Sharing this feat of our space scientists with the countrymen, Prime Minister Narindra Modi in an unprecedented broadcast described anti satellite missile capabilities as a “rare achievement.”
The operation carrying the title of “Mission Shakti” was led by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and aimed at strengthening India’s overall security and was increasingly complex in nature , conducted at extremely high speed, probably at a rough estimate of over 25000 kms per hour and with remarkable precision. Not only does it exhibit India’s outstanding scientists with enviable dexterity and capabilities but the resultant success of our space programme on continuous basis. India has developed what is known as Anti Satellite (ASAT) Missile which is the outcome of the country’s defence initiative and a proud milestone in space technology. India, thus stands tall as a super power. By shooting down a low orbit satellite, India not only has registered its arrival on permanent basis in the super global space powers’ group but also demonstrated that day in day out, the thrust and the focus is on producing critical equipment and machinery for promoting space technology fully indigenously. That is why, the entire process and programme of “Mission Shakti” has been cent percent made, designed and produced in India. Noteworthy feature of the operation is that it was all successfully executed within a record of just three minutes.
Our neighbour, China racing to become a super power not only in Asia but in the world had done the same as back as in the year 2007 and interestingly, we had reached the levels of capabilities way back in 2012 and could have demonstrated our strength immediately thereafter but since the space scientists had presumably not received the requisite green signals, AST missile could not be developed and it was only after 2014, DRDO started works and research on the vital project. A blend of political will and a paradigm shift in decision making process could result in the unprecedented feat about which every Indian feels proud of.
India, a committed believer and promoter of peace and contributing actively towards encouraging de-escalation wherever required in the world, has by testing successfully anti satellite missile revisited and rejuvenated security doctrine and conveyed that our security related preparedness was only a deterrent. In other words, to quote India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, “India was compelling “others” to keep peace in the region.” It is an admitted fact that the serious security threat perception was leading us to be always in running mode in respect of security preparedness and that was a guarantee of our safety. We should have no reason to be complacent as the age of conventional warfare has gone and future wars won’t be fought with conventional methods alone, cyber war and space war are new types for which we must be ready to put up a counter defence structure which was foolproof and effective. Geo-political considerations are prerequisites to be addressed adequately in the interests of our expanding and strengthening military capabilities.
We are a matured nation and our political system and democratic processes have all these decades only further strengthened our institutions and political apparatus and that is why, we are having our nuclear programme in a well defined manner and with proper definite aim. Our nuclear doctrine is known to all but the process is a continuous one going on throughout the year nonstop. Hence we are not to scare any country as that has been the track historical record of this country and its rich civilization but we cannot let our guard get slackened or defence preparedness compromised to jeopardise our security, sovereignty and territorial integrity. However, just like in respect of operation Balakot, low level politics has peaked over “Mission Shakti” within a few minutes of the PM’s brief address to the nation. That is really unfortunate as also uncalled for, especially in moments of feeling proud of the feat achieved by India in space technology in developing anti satellite missile.