India has become an inspiration for designers across the globe: Kunal Rawal

MUMBAI: Indian textiles and craftsmanship have become global favourites, believes fashion designer Kunal Rawal.

The couturier, who is a go-to-person for Bollywood’s male brigade, said Indian cuts are making their way to the international ramp, thereby opening doors for homegrown labels to expand their market.

“Our products are crossing boundaries. Like my label, we have clients all across the globe as men internationally are opening up to experimentation. The design aesthetics are not bound by a region.

“I perceive my work not as an Indian designer label, retailing only in India, as one of the biggest trends today is cross-cultural influences,” Rawal said in an interview on the sidelines of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2020.

The designer believes it is the most exciting time to be in the fashion industry as global market is now accepting towards Indian sensibilities.

“Whether it’s the arts and crafts, whether it’s the manufacturing, international designers do all their textures over here. Like ‘sherwani’ has got multiple updates on western runways, and kurtas have taken the shape of long shirts.

“India has been very much a source of inspiration for a lot of the designers all over the world. It’s really exciting to see our labels do well. This has happened a lot in the past, but with western designs. But now, people are focusing on what India has to offer,” he said.

For Rawal who got into fashion for the love of textiles, it was always about experimenting with fabrics, and with his latest collection ‘Rousing’, the designer has taken it a notch higher by using the technique of photosensitivity.

The concept, he said, would make his clients enjoy two different looks in one outfit as the fabric changes colour on exposure to sun. (AGENCIES)