India gradually becoming ‘World Guru’

Abhinav Sharma
Inspired by the strong resolve of the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, India today aspires to become a Vishwaguru and global powerhouse by attaining unprecedented heights of prosperity and ensuring overall rural and urban growth in each and every sector. To achieve this difficult yet not impossible task there has to be a combined endeavour pursued with full enthusiasm and vigour by the people as well as those in governance playing a proactive role in the direction. The aspirations are all the more at peak today especially in view of the fact that the world including the people of India can feel India’s resurgence in this direction at the global level under the par excellence leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has the distinction of being at the top of the list of the world’s most popular leaders according to surveys conducted by the recognized and reliable surveyors across the globe.
It is a fact that during the first and ongoing tenure of PM Modi led Govt relentless efforts have already been carried in the direction of making India the ‘World Guru’ with history being scripted with grit, resilience, ambition, and confidence. Despite multiple challenges and setbacks like the economic challenges and the Covid-19 setback the PM Modi led government has been able to make giant strides in all spheres from education to health, agriculture to science and technology, social welfare to foreign relations, economy to philanthropy, and entertainment to besides the nation having become an entity to reckon with in the international arena where he is today the most sought after world leader to for discussing the most significant global issues.
The domination and influence of India is increasing due to Narendra Modi’s policies, politics, economic and peaceful coexistence ideology which is evidenced by the fact that it is for the first time that a government promotes Yoga, Ayurveda, Food, Literature, Tradition, Knowledge and Experience not only at home but across the globe. Last but not the least India’s ages old philosophy emphasizes on being in contact with the entire existence and aiming at greater consciousness. India has been a source of knowledge for world civilization since the beginning.
The nations across the world admiring the rich culture of India have adopted Yoga Day, Ahimsa Day, besides the Ayurveda. Not only this, even Namaste tradition has also been adopted at the international level which is evident from the top global leaders exchanging pleasantries by greeting each other with Namaste. It is an acknowledged fact that it is due to the strong and impressive leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the voice of the World’s largest Democracy has been heard effectively and will continue to be heard with much more attention and keenness by the world in all times to come. Be it the G20, Climate Conference or other forums India leads from front. Moreover, it has achieved unprecedented milestones in development plans, the successful fight against the Corona epidemic crisis, establishing ties between India’s domestic and foreign policy and last but not the least on the economic front. It would not be out of context to mention here that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of making India a $5 trillion (Rs. 350 lakh crore) economy has already taken wings and despite the heavy jolt due to the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic the nation continues to surge ahead towards fulfilling this dream.
In this regard a meticulous strategy is being followed and relentless efforts have been initiated to ensure that India’s economy grows at a healthy annual average. The nation’s GDP figures for the first quarter in the current financial year 2022-23 are highly optimistic in this direction. These reveal that GDP has increased by double digits. According to the preliminary estimates issued by the National Statistical Office, India’s GDP increased by 13.5% in the current quarter. Given the enforcement of the strict economic/ financial discipline during the BJP led Modi regime, besides augmentation of various schemes in every sector, there should be no doubt that the nation is poised to reach $5 trillion (Rs. 350 lakh crore) sooner than later. The credit in this regard undoubtedly goes to PM Modi and his team of financial experts. When seen in totality it can be said without a second thought that Modi Government is determined to prove that he is second to none across the world. He has proved that every Indian tradition is most useful to the world humanity and India instead of retaining these exclusively for itself shares every such tradition with the whole world humanity. In this regard it would not be out of context to mention that during the peak pandemic days India despite its enormous population pressure provided the much needed vaccine to a substantial number of nations across the globe.
It is because of these initiatives that the world attaches utmost importance to India and it would not be wrong to say that people across the world are today looking at India with quite hopeful eyes. A meticulous analysis of the developments in context of ‘Vishwaguru’ already reveals that India is gradually becoming a ‘Global Guru’ under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership. Undoubtedly, given the richness of values embedded in the Indian civilization and culture besides being the only existing oldest civilization that has already proved its universality, the target being fully achieved is only a matter of some more time. The status of any nation at the global level is not measured exclusively by the enhanced infrastructure, but by the vision, character, determination and courage of the national leader and the modus operandi adopted by such leader in steering the nation forward. Observing the current status of the issue from this perspective, Narendra Modi has emerged as the most effective world leader, and has become the reason for India’s genuine and just dominance in the world. Therefore, it needs to be acknowledged by one and all that the PM himself along with his government continues to bring the unbelievable treasures of the Indian Civilization alive with the contemporary rather modern references highlighting the power of India’s traditional panacea and despite having resolved to achieve this target by 2047, it will be accomplished much before the aforesaid timeline.
(The author is BJP Spokesman)