India faces security concerns daily: Jaishankar

NEW DELHI, Apr 24:
India faces security concerns on a daily basis but in the last five years the coordination between different government wings has improved, former foreign secretary S Jaishankar said.
Speaking at the launch of a book ‘Indian Foreign Policy: The Modi Era’ by Professor Harsh V Pant on Wednesday, Jaishankar said India’s security preparedness has been tested on multiple occasions in the last five years.
“As a nation India faces security concerns on daily basis but the working of different wings of the government to coordinate has improved, it has been tested on multiple occasions,” Jaishankar said.
He also noted the time has come to realise the existing world order has run its course and the rise of China and redefining of America’s terms of engagement will have profound consequences.
“The US is not the US of the past, so repeating mantras of the past is not helping. There is a need to realise the current architecture is much more complex than before,” he said.
He said the challenge for India is to collectively get over “our ingrained habit of assuming the global situation through the lens of first the cold war”.
Pant’s book is about the transformation that has come about in India’s foreign policy after Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over in May 2014. (PTI)