India could be in for major health benefits if it can contain global warming: WHO

NEW DELHI: India could gain major health benefits worth USD 3.28–8.4 trillion if it manages to contain global warming and limit the temperature rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of this century, a WHO report said.

China could be next to India with gains ranging between   USD 0.27-2.31 trillion.

According to the report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) released at the UN Climate Conference in Poland, meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement could save about “a million lives a year worldwide by 2050” through reductions in air pollution alone.

The latest estimates from leading experts also indicate that the value of health gains from climate action would be approximately “double the cost of mitigation policies at global level”, and the benefit-to-cost ratio is even higher in countries such as China and India.

“The largest gains would be expected in China and India, which would generate even larger net benefits by pursuing the 1.5 degrees Celsius target rather than the 2 degrees Celsius target (USD 0.27–2.31 trillion in China and USD 3.28–8.4 trillion in India),” the COP24 Special Report on Health and Climate Change stated. (AGENCIES)