India approaches US for help in identifying NVD seized in Gurdaspur attack

India has approached the US to help identify the Night Vision Device (NVD) used by the three terrorists who carried out the Gurdaspur attack even as investigators did not rule out the possibility of a reconnaissance of target areas being carried out.
Besides the NVD, a request has also been routed through Union Home Ministry seeking details of Global Positioning System (GPS), used by terrorists in reaching the police station at Dina Nagar where they were engaged by Punjab Police. The manufacturer of the device is based in the US, official sources said today.
The NVD bearing a marking that it belongs to the US Government was recovered from the terrorists, the sources said, adding it was used as a telescope with the assault rifle to help them in identifying the target in dead of the night.
Informally, the FBI has assured Indian investigators that all assistance will be provided in this regard and even indicated that the NVD could have been snatched from allied troops fighting war in Afghanistan, the sources said.
For a closer cooperation on terror-related matters, India and the US have appointed personnel from their respective security agencies as part of the diplomatic staff at each other’s Embassies.
The Indian investigators also sought details about the coordinates of GPS that was seized from the terrorists. It could help the probe agency to find out where the GPS was used initially or the country to where it was exported. (AGENCIES)


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