Imran starts new innings

Imran Khan of Pakistan, well known as an outstanding cricketer, has himself chosen a new pitch, political one which very often has  bumping, bouncing , rattling and jouncing characteristics especially in Pakistan ever since her birth. Now that he has been sworn in as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, it is for him to see how he, along with his Cabinet team steers the country in giving a new look both in perception and commitment to its people for a better governance with stress on peace, tranquility, zero tolerance towards promoting and exporting terror and thus lead Pakistan towards economic development which has been a long cherished dream of his poor countrymen.
In most of his election speeches, he has “promised” his countrymen to make Pakistan move on the path of progress and economic development “like India” which means, among other things, he has to take strong decisions to combat terrorism due to which Pakistan is isolated in the comity of nations and is also facing sanctions. He has to ruthlessly wind up all terror and hate camps aimed against this country to usher in possibility of peace between the two countries.
If he also chooses to continue following the same old policy coupled with wholly relying on the “friendship” of China and continue to ignore the writing on the wall, that would result in his proving a dropout and an oddball in the tricky and crafty political pitch of Pakistan. It is more so, when it is more explicit than implied, that he has to look more than once towards his super authority, the Pakistan Army before taking vital decisions. Let us watch how he faces the balls with unpredictable pace, spin and abrupt turns.