Importance of Yoga

This has reference to the World Yoga Day which was celebrated across the world on June 21, 2019.Yoga is,in fact, a psycho-somatic spiritual discipline for achieving union and harmony between the mind, body and soul.It is one of the greatest gifts of India to the whole world.Yoga finds reference in our ancient texts, which describe it as a holistic health system for the total well being of a person.
A number of seals and fossil remains of Indus Valley Civilization with Yogic motifs and figures performing Yoga Sadhna suggest that Yoga has been practised in the ancient times in India..It was later systematised and codified by the great sage Maharishi Patanjali and now spread to the whole world by the teachings of Yoga masters from ancient times to the present date.Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it is, in fact, a means to achieve balance between thoughts and actions.Yoga Sadhna of all hues and colours is considered a panacea for a purposeful and healthy life and living.As yogic practices performed properly under the guidance of a Yoga Guru cleanse the accumulated toxins and prevent many infections in our body,Yoga helps in cure and prevention of disease and keeps us healthy.It also focusses the mind positively on activities being done and enhances the energy flow in our body.Thus,it has multiple benefits.
As many problems pertaining to health these days arise because of our faulty life style, Yoga has the potential to combat these orders and help the people to enhance their self confidence and cultivate right attitude towards life.It helps reduce anxiety and improve the sense of wellness and brings holistic change in an individual.It has more relevance in the modern times as people these days are suffering from stress, obesity,hypertension etc as a result of fast and mechanical life.
It is here that Yogic practices and ethics can relieve the suffering mankind from stress and anxiety and bring holistic physical and mental health to every individual.Therefore, it is imperative that children are encouraged to practice Yoga right from their childhood days.It should also be included in the courses of study in Physical Education and also as a separate subject at college and university level.Competitions based on Yoga ought to be held for students and the youth at Panchayat , Tehsil and District level to promote this system of wellness and holistic health for a purposeful and better life.
Rashmi Kotwal, Tr
Govt.Hr. Sec.School, Beraru (Bhaderwah)