Impact Of Painful Periods

Dr Richa Sharma
To be a mother is the basic right and the best gift for any woman on earth.These feelings are irreplaceable and couples especially feel more pained in attending any social gatherings like Goad Bharai rasam- that reminds them of emptiness in their life
Endometriosis is one of such a condition which feeble the chances of getting pregnant.Besides it starts with pain only when one gets first periods of life and generally gets unresolved- medically surgically both.How to tackle it is the main question today and here I am trying to simplify with an example for the readers starting from the basics.
What is endometriosis ?(All About Basics)
Endometriosis is an enigmatic disorder characterized by the occurrence of endometrial glandular tissue outside the uterus; and is a challenging condition for clinicians, research scientists and patients alike. Endometriosis is commonly found in women of reproductive age group and affects 15% of fertile women and 40- 50% of infertile women.1 The most frequent site of endometriosis is the ovary. When the ovaries are involved, they become enlarged with cystic blood-filled spaces that on gross examination are termed as chocolate cysts or endometriomas. Ovarian endometriomas are among the most common ovarian cysts encountered during surgery. The other frequent locations include the uterine ligaments, pouch of Douglas, pelvic peritoneum, fallopian tubes, rectosigmoid and bladder.   The treatment of ovarian endometriomas can be complex and difficult and varies with the presenting symptom complex. The aim of treating
endometrioma is to alleviate symptoms, promote fertility and prevent disease progression.
Clinical Approach To The Patient-
Mrs Shalu 32 years of age also narrates in her words about all trauma she underwent till she got the righ guidance and treatment option to bring happiness in her life.She was having painful periods to begin with only which was managed by pain killers but later she developed some lump in the tummy when she was just 18 years of age.It was diagnosed as endometriotic cyst(chocolate cyst) – for which she was recommended some medicines which she failed to respond.Ultimately that cyst was drained.Her this condition persisted rather got worse after marriage and had difficulty in sexual relation with husband also.Later she was operated twice for the same problem but still no relief due to progressive nature and recurrence of the pathology.To add to her life was getting more miserable day by day as she was getting pregnant also.Later she   was diagnosed with decreased egg reserve for which she was undertaken for IVF and she conceived
The quality of eggs and quantity both may get deteriorated with time if the pathology is not detected early and the success depends on the age,womb strength and the embryology kills .
Early detection and right decisions can bring happiness in your lives you have been long waiting for.
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(The author is senior  IVF consultant Gurgaon  Delhi NCR)