Illegal occupants in GB Pant Hospital

How can, despite clear cut directions from the court, some shops functioning within the premises of the G.B. Pant Hospital Srinagar falling under the jurisdiction of the Cantonment Board be not evicted. The general feeling that these shop owners are the blue eyed and favourite ones of the management of the Cantonment Board as they are ‘there’ for more than 10 years needed to be allayed by complying with the court directives, sooner than any later. At least Cantonment Board cannot be expected to flout or disregard court directives.
Fresh tenders must be issued for re-leasing the shops for five years. If at all the existing occupants were not otherwise barred from responding to the tendering process and participating in public auction, they could be the lessees again but only for the period of lease after which the premises are supposed to be handed over to the Board. So, why the process of re-leasing is not initiated? No plea could be entertained that the present occupants whose lease has expired long back, were reluctant to move out since the defaulter could be declared as a trespasser and liable to be convicted. The overdue retention in any case cannot be justified. Terms of the lease, covenants of the agreement and orders of the court must all be respected which the Cantonment Board definitely shall take now care of.