IkkJutt Jammu opposes idea of holding JK Assembly polls soon

Ekkjutt Jammu president Ankur Sharma addressing a press conference at Jammu on Thursday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Dec 30: President of IkkJutt Jammu has urged the Modi Government to give up the idea of holding elections in the UT of J&K after the completion of the ongoing Delimitation exercise based on the `fudged’ 2011 census figures.
Talking to media persons, here today, he warned that such an exercise will only hurt the nation in J&K, re-establish the misrule of radical and subversive Abdullahs, Muftis, Bukharis and others of their ilk in Kashmir and negate all the positive effects of abrogation of 370/35-A.
“Elections must be held only after Jammu province is separated from the jihad-gripped and jihadi-controlled Kashmir,” he said. Click here to watch video
Ankur Sharma also informed that the Election Commission of India has registered Ikkjutt Jammu as a political party. “We now have a political instrument to lift the seven decades old siege on the nationalists living in Jammu and Kashmir. The helplessness created by political optionless in Jammu now stands cured. We now have an option to reject the political culture that has enslaved us and made us subject people of a hegemonic communal order,” he said
Ankur Sharma claimed that Ikkjutt Jammu is the only party in Jammu which is religiously and single-mindedly devoted to the national cause in this strategic region. “It has its unwavering committment the novel cause of the long-suffering people of Jammu province, irrespective of their caste, colour and creed,” he said, adding that only a regional party could protect, watch and further promote the general socio-cultural and politico-economic rights of the people of the willfully ignored and politically marginalized Jammu province.
“The national parties like the Congress and the BJP have consistently ignored the aspirations of the people of Jammu province in their desperate bid to appease radicals in Kashmir. Both these parties reduced Jammu province to the status of a Kashmir’s colony and the citizens of Jammu province as mere subjects whose life was not one of social, cultural, economic and political aspirations,” he alleged.
Ankur Sharma appealed to the people of Jammu province to join Ikkjutt Jammu in large numbers so that the national cause is promoted, Zameen jihad defeated and they attain a status they deserved in the Indian polity and become a master in their own Jammu house under the Indian Constitution.