IkkJutt accuses Centre of conspiring to permanently enslave Jammu

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, June 20: In an emergency meeting of its Central Executive, IkkJutt Jammu today slammed Union Govt’s Nehruvian approach in dealing with political matters of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
Ankur Sharma, President IkkJutt Jammu, while questioning the composition of attendees for the forth coming All Party Meet on J&K at the behest of Center, said that after taking historic decision of abrogating Article 370, Centre’s eagerness to reverse the gains of that action are baffling, least to say.
“The Prime Minister of the country has chosen to sit and talk with subversives, pro separatists, indivuals accused of facilitating terror activities, proclaimed Pakistani flanks. He has deliberately chosen to ignore nationalist, rooted and saner voices of Jammu province,” said Ankur Sharma and described this `subversive’ conduct of the Union Government as its age old practice of treating Jammu as a blind spot, a problem area, a simple buffer absorbing Jihadi shocks within J&K, a secular mask on Jihadist Kashmir, a geographical entity which should be kept hostage to legitimize and perpetuate majority order.
“For GoI, Jammu doesn’t exist. More precisely for GoI Hindus of Jammu and Kashmir are irrelevant. Something more than condemnation needs to be invented to describe the humiliation being inflicted upon all of us,” he said while commenting on the scheduled talks.
Alike in Mahabharata, we are being put at stake without our knowledge and consent to be bartered away to modern day Kourvas. Modern day Pandvas seem to be readying themselves for the betrayal of their people, their Kingdom and even personal honour. This realisation is critical. Those for whom we voted are not our liberators but our enslavers. They have hijacked our trust posing as our guardians.
The sheer arrogance displayed by PMO in not inviting various political voices across the Jammu spectrum, including IkkJutt Jammu, speaks volumes about the Govt’s hobnobbing in getting into an alliance with Kashmir based leadership before elections are announced in Jammu & Kashmir,” Ankur Sharma added.
On the occasion, the Central Executive unanimously passed resolution for further intensifying campaign for separate Statehood for Jammu and division of Kashmir into 2 UTs one exclusively for Hindus of Kashmir who suffered worst genocide in 1990s.