IIM Sirmaur organizes panel discussion on ‘The future of learning in India’

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 1: Sankalp, the CSR Committee at Indian Institute of Management (Sirmaur) organized a panel discussion on the topic “The future of learning in India”.
The panel comprised of notable speakers, Dr Prahalathan (CEO, Bhumi NGO), Jayant K Rastogi (Global CEO, Magic Bus), S K Shahi (Founder- Director, CSRL) and Prof Santosh Rangnekar (IIT Roorkee) who also moderated the discussion.
The discussion began with the journey of the invited panelists and their views on the new education policy. Jayant talked about his entrepreneurship journey in healthcare and discussed how the new education policy will help in increasing employability among students.
He shared his three mantras for success – attitude and gratitude, to forgive and forget, and to inspect as much as you expect. He highlighted how in spite of having great institutes there is low accessibility but with new education standards and new ways of virtual implementation, we can bridge the gap.
Dr Prahalathan took forward the discussions and talked about the learning gap in children and how it affects the overall society. He highlighted the importance of choosing a cause and working for it, the importance of implementation of an idea, as much as how good the idea is.
Talking about the effects of pandemic he shared that the biggest challenge in learning is in terms of the digital divide. Many families have one phone for the whole family and children suffer academically because of low accessibility. The key takeaway from Dr Prahalathan was that instead of focusing on what the Government could’ve done, we need to focus on what we need to do as an individual.
S K Shahi then directed the panel discussion towards the economic barriers a student faces in pursuing education. He shared how important it is for the CSR projects to be time bounded and impactful. Talking about the pandemic, he highlighted how a student not only suffers from economic barriers and lack of digital devices, but he is also bound by family problems where he needs to provide for his family.
The discussion ended with vote of thanks presented by Dr Ram Kumar Dhurkari, faculty at IIM Sirmaur.