IB, LIU of UP on alert against anti-national activities on social media

Kashmir being used to spread hatred
Prabhat Ranjan Deen
Lucknow, Sept 6: The Intelligence Bureau (IB) with the help of Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) of UP Police is tracking some social media sites which are badly involved in spreading hatred in Muslim society against Indian Government through mischievously made videos and write-ups on atrocities on Kashmiris, after abrogation of article 370. Some of the phone numbers which are involved in making different WhatsApp Groups and scattering treasonous materials, have been put on surveillance.
IB has found some so called elite maulanas (clerics) of both the sects, some related with ultra-left groups, some white collared social activists, journalists, advocates and intellectuals involved in these nefarious anti-national activities. These elements are not only active on social sites, but they are regularly holding meetings door to door and spreading subversive information especially in the Muslim community.
A senior IB officer said that some WhatsApp Groups have been created on some Islamic names while others are on the name of social action groups. Some of the Groups are active on the name of journalists and religion based Editors. An officer posted in LIU Lucknow and looking after the surveillance, confirmed the malafide campaign run by the different Groups on WhatsApp, Facebook and on other social media sites and said that some suspicious elements (persons) have already been identified and they are under close watch.
State Government has specially deputed DK Thakur, a senior IPS officer of ADG rank, as head of Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) to handle the issue. A Joint Secretary level officer of Home department said that DK Thakur will see the persons involved in rumor-mongering and trying to ripen anti-government hatred, whether they are affiliated to any militant group and working as their silent cells or what. Government has shifted Asim Arun, ADG from ATS to Technical Services, but has been given special additional charge to head UP-100. Now UP-100 will enhance its State-wide Police Emergency Response Services under the sensitized & alerted circumstances.
Elaborating the methodology to track and pin point the anti-national activities on social media sites and on WhatsApp Groups, the concerned officer told the Excelsior, that with the help of some famous IT companies we are successfully tracking the suspicious persons and groups. The Government has taken it very seriously that Whats’ App Groups and social media sites are day to day flooded with misinformation, fake news, concocted videos and malicious editorials and articles.’
Some groups are targeting Indian Government to indulge in nefarious information warfare. The players involved in the deliberate disinformation campaign are pretending to be journalists and writers, but they are being prompted and funded by anti-national ‘powers’, may be some media organizations also, we are tracking them,” a cyber-expert from IB said.
The IB officer said that the rumor-mongers are getting concocted video clips and subversive materials from Inter Services Public Relations of Pakistan (DGISPR) on the cover-name of @Natsecjeff, @khalid_pk, @KashmirIntel, @Homesecpak and likewise; to spread it in India. These are also further disseminated through handlers, sitting in other countries even in US & UK with huge following as well which made the disinformation to spread into international circles. IB is following some twitter holders who are routinely engaged in uploading and spreading suspicious materials from @Natsecjeff, @ELINTNews, @IntelCrab and some other’s.
Referring Military Intelligence input, the IB officer said, that behind @Natsecjeff’s activities, Faran Jeffery is the main player. He is the Deputy Director of Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism ITCT, in London, in which khalid Muhammad alias khalid_pk was an advisor from Pakistan. Faran and Khalid are directly related to ISI. The disinformation campaign against India is handled by ISI’s propaganda outfit ‘Command Eleven’.
Contributors for www.commandeleven.com include retired Pakistan military officers; Colonel Azam Qadri (retired), Syed Haider Raza Mehdi, a former Pakistan Military officer who now lives in Canada and works for a mobile phone company. Zeeshan Shahid Khan, Syed Ali Zia Jaffery and few other names have also been referred with whom the Indian players are connected, that includes one ‘Maulana’, an editor of a language newspaper, few social activists and some journalists based in Lucknow.
In a bid to contain widespread rumors, UP Government has already instructed all district police chiefs to slap National Security Act (NSA) against those who are found inciting public or spreading rumors on social media. Confirming this, DGP of UP Police OP Singh said clearly that NSA will be slapped against culprits found involved in such nefarious acts. They are under strict surveillance and scrutiny, he added.