I like motivating songs: Daler Mehndi

NEW DELHI: Music is considered a binding factor in movies, especially in biographical dramas, where Daler Mehndi has created a unique space for himself.

            The veteran singer, who has sung the title tracks of ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Dangal’, ‘Mirzya’, ‘Baahubali’ and most recently Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gold’, says directors and actors demand his voice for such projects.

            Penned by veteran Javed Akhtar, ‘Ghar Layenge Gold’ is composed by Sachin-Jigar and aptly presents the film’s protagonist’s dream to win a gold medal at the Olympic.

            “I believe that my positive thinking, which I maintain all the time, gets translated into the song as well. Whatever is positive inside comes outside. It gets transformed into the voice, thoughts and this is what the people also feel about my other songs,” Mehndi told reporters.

            This year, the Punjab-born singer had also lent his voice to a track for “Soorma”, another hockey biopic.

            “There are two films about hockey this year. I feel happy that whenever there is a talk of motivation, then producers, director and actors specially demand that they want Daler Mehndi to sing the title song. So I feel very happy about this,” he said.

            Mehndi, 50, said he always asks for lyrics before taking up a new song.

            “I demand the lyrics first so that I can look at the words and tune to make my mind. Also, if there is a positive and motivational message in the song, then I would surely do it.

            “I am pretty sure that this song will be played at the schools, tournaments and events, everywhere. It is not a sport specific song. For providing motivation, it will be played everywhere,” he said. (AGENCIES)