We The Human demands check over excessive use of toxic chemical pesticides

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Apr 3: We the Human demanded check over excessive use of toxic chemical pesticides.
In a handout, BD Chowdhary, Field Officer (Technical) of We The Human informed that excessive use of toxic chemical pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers in few areas of Jammu like Arnia, Vijaypur, Top, Phalla Mandal, Dattryal, Badyal Brahmna by farmers hailing from outside J&K should be immediately got stopped and all such vegetables produced using heavy sprays of toxic chemicals should be got checked by Field Officers of Agriculture Department and Food Safety Organization.
“In case of positive tests, all such vegetables with toxic chemical residues, above permissible levels, should be destroyed before reaching the local markets”, he said, adding that this also becomes prime duty of all Food Safety Organization officers to check vegetables and fruits arriving in various markets and destroy them in case of toxicity found, before these are consumed by the public, which may cause cancer or serious diseases involving vital organs like stomach, kidney, lever, lungs. Consumption of adulterated food, fruits and vegetables laden with pesticides, environmental pollution are the major risk factor for cancers.
Earlier, a team of experts from We The Human and Mapple Orgtech (I) Limited from Ludhiana, as part of its campaign “Clean Environment Green Environment”, today gave a number of live demonstrations for conversion of kitchen/garden and other biodegradable wastes using EM (Effective Micro Organism Japanese Technology).
Manoj Goutam and BD Chowdhary along with other members of the trust demonstrated technique for source segregation of the daily waste into biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes. Live demonstrations were given by the experts in campus of 14th Battalion of J&K Armed Police, IRP 19th Battalion, Rajender Park Canal Road Jammu and J&K Government Seed Farm at village Chakrohi in RS Pura.
Prem Singh, a veteran social activist and founder member of the Trust made an appeal to Chief Minister to declare an effective incentive policy for all agriculturists/orchardists of the State, declare special incentives for entrepreneurs and traders who wish to manufacture or open up sales outlets for organic agricultural inputs and microbial composting culture, immediately take concrete measures for either complete ban of sale as well as manufacturing of plastic/polythene bags and set up a pulverization plant for recycling of the polythene/plastic waste.