How Your Business Should Use Video Marketing

Every company that wants to stand out in the market today needs to establish a good marketing strategy, which includes its physical and virtual dimensions, and can, in addition to bringing in more customers, keep them satisfied with what is being offered.

A good marketing strategy is not just about pushing your company’s product to customers in an invasive, boring, and out-of-contextual way, but rather making the service gradually, through a set of well-studied techniques, acquire value to the customer. Therefore, using videos in your marketing strategy is essential, as videos, in addition to being increasingly popular, have great credibility and message transmission power among consumers.

An interesting piece of data, for example, already shows that 85% of people who see an explanatory video about a product or service are more likely to buy it after all. Pretty relevant, isn’t it?!

And do you already know how to use videos efficiently in your marketing strategy to generate more credibility for your company, contacts for your commercial team, and, of course, more profit for your business? We have some tips. Write it down!

Start with good planning

One thing is for sure: videos need to be present in your marketing strategy. But how to work accurately so that the insertion of these materials is fruitful from the first efforts? Betting on good planning of actions with video can help a lot!

Start by drawing an overview of what you already do in terms of marketing within your company and see which points are usually the most effective. Also try to understand who your campaign’s audience is usually: age, predominant gender, interests, frequently asked questions, desires, shopping and browsing habits, the social networks they are present in, the language they use and everything else you can think of. that can be useful in building your strategy and content.

From there, start trying to identify the needs and opportunities that exist in your company’s current strategy and think about how videos can help you meet certain demands or be even more successful.

For example, if your biggest difficulty today is to be able to efficiently explain what your company is or does, or to establish efficient business communication, think about how using videos can help you improve these points and strategize mainly from them.

Doing a lot of brainstorming and research based on data you already have about your business will help you a lot at this stage.

Insert video actions into your marketing strategy

Once that’s done, you can start thinking about marketing actions to start working the videos into your strategy. We’ve listed some that you can start with that generate very positive results. Of course, you don’t have to apply them all at once, after all, that’s why you made a plan! Based on your company’s needs, you will decide what to prioritize and what will bring the most benefits.

Make tests, use the actions together to generate more impact, and arrive at the ideal model for your business.

01. Use videos on your website

A great way to start working with videos in your business is to embed these materials on your website.

Contrary to what many people think, in this format, you don’t have to limit yourself to the institutional video, or the company’s culture, and you can, for example, insert something more useful to the user such as an explanatory video of the business or animation about your services. It’s easy to use videos on your website and to make any explainer videos you can use the Video Maker website or tool as they come with pre-made templates which makes your job easy.

This, in addition to making your website much more attractive, informative, and relevant for those who access it, will contribute a lot in strategic terms. According to research, 60% of people who access a webpage click to watch the video before they even read a word on the page and these materials are capable of increasing the time a user spends browsing the site by up to two minutes.

That is, in addition to consuming more information about your company, better understanding its differential, and approaching the brand through video, this material will also make people feel more inclined to explore your website, have more knowledge of your business, and this will certainly contribute to strengthening their memory, an essential factor if that user makes the purchase.

02. Work with video content

If you already work with content marketing, the tip is to start working with videos in this strategy (and if you don’t work, the tip is to stop wasting time and start investing in content now!).

Videos are an alternative format that you can offer as content, and you can work with them as a complement to other material, such as a blog article or separately, in a series of independent publications.

Working with videos in your content, you have the advantage of breaking down language barriers, as it allows you to communicate with the public in a much more complete way, can explain points that a text may have left cloudy, captures the audience that sometimes would not read your articles, enrich your publications and gain authority and relevance from both the audience and the main search engines, as videos can be a great way to help with your SEO.

Creating a content channel for your company can also be a great idea. There you will be able to work with segmented videos, on different subjects, strengthen your brand, and, using a professional video platform, have full control over the material offered, monetization options, and much more.

Furthermore, of course, you will use these videos to convey relevant information to your audience and they will contribute to the success of your marketing strategy as a whole, making people establish bonds with your brand and trust it. If you use a professional video platform, for example, you can use a lead collector on all your videos to generate contacts with your materials and, from there, establish constant communication with people, send relevant materials, clearing their doubts. and, thus, through a longer and more structured process, making them walk through the sales funnel and end up becoming customers.

03. Social Networks

Don’t forget to work with videos on your social networks. These channels are fundamental, especially for you to maintain a healthy relationship with your audience and investing in this type of material will help in different ways.

First, because on some networks, such as Facebook, videos are gaining more and more prominence and their ability to impact people compared to other types of publication is relatively greater. According to recent research, while interactions with posts with links and photos are falling on the social network, videos are on the rise and do not stop gaining likes and shares.

Another important point is that videos attract attention and, combined with a good strategy of inserting links and calls to action, can help generate traffic to your website, blog, or other channels that you consider relevant to your strategy.

Furthermore, investing in videos is always a way to generate content that people will be more likely to watch. So, take advantage of the high power of virality of social networks to spread interesting content related to your brand, your services, and products and to generate more expansion opportunities for your business!

Also remember that investing in sponsored videos can also be a great way to make your materials reach more people more assertively and if you have the budget, it is worth exploring this option.

04. Produce rich materials

In addition to open content, it is worth using videos in rich content formats, such as webinars, to make people have to leave their contact in exchange for the privilege of watching them.

These contents are denser, and usually have more value for the audience and that’s why they don’t mind leaving their email, for example, to have access to them.

Investing in this type of material is extremely valuable because at the same time you can provide valuable information to the public on any subject related to your business, from the contacts captured it is possible to work on a special relationship strategy with people, based on content., information and relevant materials, and thus strengthen the public’s links with your brand, remember your business and contribute to your inbound strategy.

Also, remember to use a reliable platform to broadcast these contents or to keep them hosted. Making people leave a contact for material that they can’t access, that crashes, doesn’t open on all devices, or that someone else has taken and made available elsewhere “for free” will undermine your strategy.

Think of content that your business audience would leave their contact to have access to, produce the content, create an accessor registration form, make the content available and offer people a good experience. Then all you have to do is gather the contacts you’ve got, think of a relationship strategy based on quality information and reap the rewards!

05. Use videos to connect with people

During your strategy, you will have to relate to your business audience in different ways, whether by answering their questions and comments on social networks, sending content by email, answering quote requests, or just passing by to offer your services.

And your communication with people in this regard must be as effective as possible, as your strategy as a whole depends largely on the success of this point.

After all, how will a person get to your content or find out about your offers if they are not opening your emails or if what you post on social media does not attract attention or is not minimally relevant?

And here again, using videos can be decisive!

Did you know, for example, that just using the word video in the subject of an email can increase your open rates by up to 19%? And that embedding a video in an email can increase your conversion rate by up to 21%?

Furthermore, as we have mentioned a few times throughout the article, videos are a content format that attracts more attention and in general, 75% of people are more likely to watch a video than read a document, for example.

So start investing in videos to communicate with your audience. Send videos instead of texts by email, bet on this format on social networks, have videos on your website, and see the impact this has on relationships with people.

06. As a sales acceleration tool

Finally, another very valid use for videos is as a tool to accelerate your sales and boost processes that are almost complete.

How? Well, we’ve already talked about the power that videos have to generate conviction, credibility, and lasting bonds between the company and consumer, right? So, it’s time to use this to your advantage for closing accounts and generating profits!

When a process with a potential customer is about to close and needs a boost, try, for example, recording a video with strategic people from your company saying how nice it would be to have them as customers, or offering a special condition. This will help to delight people in the negotiation and they will start to consider the contract with your company even more! A secret: we use it here at Samba and it works very well!

Always measure your results

Finally, don’t forget to always work in an organized way that allows you to get a sense of the results generated with each action in your video marketing strategy. This will allow you to see holes and opportunities in what you have been doing and make your campaigns increasingly efficient and assertive.

If you use a professional video platform, for example, information such as retention rate, access source, audience profile, and many others will be valuable for your analysis and content improvement.

Also remember to pay attention to the data provided by the social networks you use for disclosure, by the contact management services, and use all this information to your advantage.

Working with videos in your company’s marketing strategy is a differential capable of generating benefits at different levels. You improve your communication, bring your brand closer to the public, generate qualified contacts to work on your inbound strategy, offer quality content, gain authority, and much more.


So, if your business still doesn’t invest in marketing using videos, it’s time to get started! See how our tips can be used by taking into account your reality and don’t waste any more time.

Also remember that having a professional video platform can make things a lot easier if you want to use these materials efficiently and have other benefits such as security, stability, and distribution quality.