How Vitamin D influences your dental health

Dr. Vanya Vasudeva Sharma
Normal human of all ages have the ability to produce vit. D following sunlight exposure. Inadequate vit. d is associated with various diseases including oral health disorders. Tooth decay and bleeding gums are the two most common problems of the teeth. They both are chronic diseases. Tooth decay is the most common condition in kids and bleeding gums is the first sign of gum disease. It’s not just a sign of gum health but also a sign of our gut health.
Vitamin D And the dental immune system:
Tooth decay isn’t associated with only poor oral hygiene. One of the main factors is vit D. It is necessary for building healthy bones as it allows your digestive system to absorb calcium from diet. Calcium is the raw material that with the phosphorus creates the bony structure that make the tooth enamel. Under the enamel is dentin.
Dentin contains live cells that body uses to protect the blood supply and nerves and releases immune factors. They can repair the damaged dentin if vitamin D is present. if vitamin D level are low then your defense system will not be able to repair infected dentin.
Bleeding gums
The inflammation of gums is also known as gingivitis. The bleeding of gums is the sign of gingivitis. It is also sign of inflamed immune system. Our mouth is the extension of our gut microbiome where 80% immune system lies. VitaminD plays the role in managing the immune system. It controls the formation of new cells. Kids deficient in vitamin D are more prone to dental decay.
How to manage the level:
We can manage the level of vitamin D by changing our lifestyle and dietary habits.
Get 30 mins of natural sunlight per day
Keep face and arms exposed otherwise our body won’t convert vitamin D
If we have digestive, immune or liver problems, it will affect the conversion of vitamin D.
Diet: food that strengthen the teeth. These include
Fatty fish
Butter, yogurt and cheese
Supplements: Diet in the long term can manage vitaminD but still if you are deficient in vitaminD, then consult your health care professional.